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固原地区人民医院包皮手术多少钱固原泾源县泌尿系统在线咨询S: what shall we do after the volleyball match?J: how about going to the Olympic souvenir store to have a look? I remember there is one in the gym.S: that's a good idea. I was thinking of buying some gifts for my family.J: me, too. What did you have in mind?S: I haven't deceided yet, but I think the Olympic Mascots are a must.J: I agree. They're very lovely, especially "Huan Huan".S: is that the red one? That is my favorite, too. Do you know how much they are?J: the five dolls are sold together as a set, and they're priced according to the size. The bigger they are the more expensive.S: oh, I see. If I buy more than a set, can I get any discount?J: I don't think so. All the souvenirs of the Olympic Games are very hot now.S: any other ideas?J: there are lots of things, such as postcards, key chains, posters and various arts and crafts.S: it all sounds great. We can go there after the match. I can't wait to see what they have. /09/85496固原人民医院精液常规检查 杰森要去参加招聘会,那么有经验的同学又会给他什么样的建议呢?Listen Read Learn Classmate: What are you doing tomorrow?Jason: Err…I'm going to a job fair tomorrow.Classmate: Is that with the American company?Jason: Yes, that's right.Classmate: So where is the work place of that American company?Jason: Shanghai.Classmate: That's great.Jason: Since you are the experienced one, can you give me some suggestions?Classmate: You'd better pay more attention to your resume.Jason: So what should I do?Classmate: First, you should print your resume on good-quality white paper. Resumes with flowery backgrounds will stand out for all the wrong reasons.Jason: OK, I got it. Anything more?Classmate: You'd better get someone to check for spelling and grammatical errors, because a spell-checker won't pick out every mistake.Jason: So, can you help me to do this work?Classmate: Of course, with pleasure. Listen, you should remember that don't be nervous if the interviewer asks you to do a presentation.Jason: OK, I will.听看学同学: 你明天准备干什么?杰森: 嗯……我要去参加招聘会。同学: 是有美国公司的那个招聘会吗?杰森: 对,是的。同学: 那么那个美国公司的工作地点在什么地方?杰森: 在上海。同学: 那还不错。杰森: 你有参加招聘会的经验,你能给我一些建议吗?同学: 你得注意点你的简历。杰森: 那么我该怎么做呢?同学: 首先,你应该用质量好的白纸打印你的简历。有着花花绿绿背景的简历容易显现出所有的错误。杰森: 好的,我知道了。还有其他的建议吗?同学: 你最好是找个人帮你检查一下拼写和语法错误,因为Word中的自动检查插件不一定能帮你检查出每一处错误。杰森: 那么你能帮我做这个工作吗?同学: 当然愿意啊。听着,你一定要记住,当面试官要你做自我陈述的时候千万不要紧张。杰森: 好的,我会记住的。 /200809/485591. The house is really A-1.  (误译)那间房子的门牌确实是A-1号。  (正译)那间房子确实是一流的。  2.He bought a baker's dozen of biscuits。  (误译)他买了面包师做的12块饼干。  (正译)他买了13块饼干。  3.A bull of Bashan woke the sleeping child with his noise。  (误译)贝兴的一头公牛弄醒了那个酣睡的孩子。  (正译)一个大嗓门的人把那个酣睡的孩子吵醒了。  4.He was a cat in the pan。  (误译)他是盘子中的一只猫。  (正译)他是个叛徒。  5.A cat may look at a king。  (误译)一只猫都可以看到国王。  (正译)小人物也该有同等权利。  6.Even a hair of dog didn't make him feel better。  (误译)即使一根毛也不会使他觉得好些。  (正译)即使是再喝解宿醉的一杯酒,也不会使他觉得好些。  7.Is he a Jonah?  (误译)他就是叫约拿吗?  (正译)他是带来厄运的人吗?  8.Jim is fond of a leap in the dark。  (误译)吉姆喜欢在黑暗处跳跃。  (正译)吉姆喜欢冒险行事。 /12/91107固原市治疗阳痿哪家医院最好

固原协和医院看生殖器疱疹Billy: I am such a stud.Jennifer: Good for you. I'll tell all my friends.Billy: I've got two lines.Jennifer: You mean you've got wrinkles? At your age?Billy: Not wrinkles, my pet. Two cell phone lines.Jennifer: Why are you talking like that? Gross!Billy: Billy the boy is going to get some action! /201109/155186固原彭阳县男科妇科网上预约 He took Monday off.他星期一休息. /09/85434固原割包皮的价格

固原治疗前列腺增生费用Julie is studying as Susan sneaks in.Susan: Pssst. (whispering) Come here. Susan: Okay, I'll come there. Are you still mad at me about the party?Julie: Oh you picked up on that, did you?Susan: Okay, look. I've been thinking about things and just forget what I said earlier.Julie: You mean I can go?Susan: Shhh. Geez, oh. Mike's in the other room.Julie: You're not gonna tell him?Susan: No! And neither are you!Julie: Ah. Why are you walking on eggshells? You are my Mother. You have every right to override him.Susan: I know. I just think it's sweet that he worries about you and I want him to feel that he's part of the decision making process.Julie: Oh, well clearly he's not if you're going behind his back.Susan: Do you want to go or not?Julie: Yes! I really want to go to the party.Mike walks in.Mike: Party? You guys still talking about that?Susan: Ah. Can you believe it? Oh. (to Julie) Let it go! You know Mike and I decided. No Party and that's final.Mike and Susan walk out the door. Susan turns and gives a "thumbs up" to Julie and mouths "have fun." /201004/102000 Do you have any pet peeve? 你有什么样的怪毛病吗?所谓的 pet peeve 就是个人生活习惯上的一些小毛病, 例如有些人不喜欢别人碰他的电脑, 要是你碰他的电脑他就会不高兴, 这就是所谓的 pet peeve. (而非 bad habit.) 通常 pet peeve 都是比较无伤大雅的小毛病, 几乎每个人都有属于他自己的 pet peeve. 所以就有老美跟我说过, "Everybody has his pet peeve." 当然 pet peeve 也常常成为老美谈话之间彼此开玩笑的话题. 记 "Friends" 有一集就是两边人马在比快问快答, 而其中有一类的问题就是 pet peeves. 蛮有意思的.如果是这个坏习惯大到会影响别人, 像是在公共场所老是讲话很大声, 这就不是 pet peeve, 而要用 annoying 来形容. 例如我就常听老美抱怨, "Don't you think he is annoying?" (你不觉得他很烦吗?) /200803/30182固原市中心医院看泌尿科怎么样固原市治疗前列腺炎多少钱



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