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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201510/403921

Once you come to terms with the idea that the atmosphere is a fluid,一旦你接受了大气是液体的观点you realise it has some extraordinary consequences.你会意识到有一些特殊的推论One of them is that Earth#39;s atmosphere其中之一是地球的大气层is capable of shaping the surface of the planet能够塑造我们的星球表面的形状even cutting through solid rock.甚至可以切割坚硬的岩石I#39;m on my way to a very special place,我正在去一个很特殊的地方a place where you can really see how powerful the atmosphere can be.一个你可以真正地看到大气层有多么地强大的地方Only a few people every day are granted the honour每天只有极少数人很荣幸of walking the three mile path to get there.能走三英里的路到达那里But there#39;s a good reason for that.但是有一个很好的理由让我们去那This rock formation in Arizona亚利桑那州的岩石构造is one of the most precious geological sites on the planet.是星球上最珍贵的地质考察点之一Wow! Look at this.哇!看看It is so beautiful.好漂亮啊It#39;s Like being inside a giant sculpture,好像是在巨大的雕塑里一样a geological piece of art.地质艺术These rocks in Arizona are known as The Wave. And it#39;s easy to see why.这些岩石被称作是波浪,你可以看到为什么这样叫These giant curvaceous shapes look as if they#39;ve been carved out by water.巨大的曲线形状看起来像是被水雕刻过Instead they#39;ve been sculpted by a different fluid motion,然而他们是由一种不同的流体运动the wind.--风塑造的 Article/201509/398373

  What I discovered was truly surprising.我的发现着实令我吃惊It involves no pills, no injections and no hidden cost.无需涉及药物和注射 没有潜在损失It#39;s all a question of what you eat.完全取决于你所吃的食物Or rather, what you don#39;t eat.更确切地说 你所不吃的东西Last night, I dreamt I ate a sandwich昨晚我梦到我吃了一个三明治and then I felt fantastically guilty.然后感到巨大的罪恶感It#39;s about fasting.那就是禁食But fasting made easier.易于让人接受的禁食If I were to go onto Joe#39;s lifestyle...?如果我开始效仿乔的生活方式呢In a year, you‘re gonna... you‘re gonna be cured.一年之内 你就会有好转The big thing is that this is the beginning of something我认为关键的是 这可能是which I think could be huge.一个非常重要的开始If it takes off如果能开个好头and if it heads off in the direction that I imagine it will,它会朝着我预想的方向前进then this...this could be genuinely revolutionary.那这也许会是真正革命性的变化重点解释:1.or rather 确切地说, 说得更准确些例句:He had to walk or rather run to the office.他得走著--应该说是跑著--去上班。2.take off 起飞;脱掉;匆匆离开例句:The train will take off at 7 this evening.火车今晚7点钟离开。3.head off 阻止(阻拦;绕道前进)例句:They did this in order to head off the crisis.他们这样做以防止发生危机。 Article/201509/397364


  When my sister and my mom first heard our first hit record, l Want You Back,我跟妈妈首次听到我们第一首主打l Want You Back时my father had sent it over, they didn#39;t care for it.我爸寄去给她们听的 她们并不是很喜欢l didn#39;t like it at all.我一点都不喜欢Because the songs that the children sang因为孩子们唱的歌was more like the, l should say, soul music.我觉得比较接近灵魂音乐And to me, l Want You Back didn#39;t sound that way.l Want You Back对我来说 并不是那类型的音乐All the songs that was out then sound so different,当时所有市面上的歌听来都很不一样so l guess Berry wanted to bring out a different style.我想贝瑞是想要创造另一种风格little did they know it was a very big song, number one.她们都没料到那首歌 竟然冲上第一名lt was just an unbelievable track.很不可思议的一首歌lt just came out of the radio like lightning.一播出就造成轰动Oh, them Jackson 5, that is a kickin#39; group.杰克逊五人组真是了不得的团体#39;Wow, that#39;s them? #39; And l had to get used to the song是他们吗? 我花了些时间才习惯because even though it was a very big hit,虽然那首歌红翻了天your brothers singing on a record, on vinyl, and you hearing it收听自己兄弟的黑胶唱片is something totally different.感觉还是很不一样We just don#39;t have songs that come and go,我们的歌不是只红极一时we have songs that#39;ll be around all the time.而是持续的有人喜爱like, you#39;ll hear #39;em on the FM cllassicall stations,在古典乐广播电台也会播放by the Philharmonic Orchestra, things like that.由交响乐团演奏之类的so it#39;s just not What people call it, kiddie rock. lt#39;s not that.不只是所谓的小孩子摇滚乐 完全不是And a million sellers, a million selling.卖了上百万张 Article/201508/396098

  TED演讲视频:史上最伟大的机器计算机科学是在30年代开始的....19世纪30年代。John Graham-Cumming讲述了Charles Babbage的机械,蒸汽能量的分析引擎,并且讲述了Ada Lovelace,拜伦王的女儿以及一个数学家,是怎样从简单的计算能力去看到电脑的未来。 Article/201703/495648You can dump canned fruit in a bowl and call it a fruit salad. But you can’t call it delicious.你可以把一罐水果罐头倒到碗里,说这就是水果沙拉。但是这样绝对称不上美味。You Will Need你需要A variety of fresh fruits各种各样的新鲜水果3 tbsp. brown sugar3汤匙红糖1 lime1个柠檬A small mixing bowl1个小的搅拌钵A sharp knife1把锋利的刀子A cutting board1个切菜板And a large salad bowl1个沙拉碗1/4 c. orange liqueur1/4杯橙利口酒Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose your fruit1.选择水果Choose your fruit. Any fresh fruit in season is a good choice, but remember that apples and bananas brown quickly.选择水果。任何当季的新鲜水果都是很好的选择,但是记住,苹果和香蕉很快就会变成褐色。STEP 2 Mix brown sugar amp; lime juice2.混合红糖和柠檬汁In a small bowl, mix the brown sugar and lime juice to make the sweetener. Let the mixture sit so the sugar is completely dissolved by the time you are done with the fruit.在一个小碗中混合红糖和柠檬汁,制作甜味剂。让混合物静置一段时间,这样当你把水果准备好的时候糖就充分溶解了。Substitute ? cup of orange liqueur as the sweetener for some extra kick.如果想要一些特别的风味,可以用1/4杯橙利口酒作为甜味剂。STEP 3 Wash fruit3.清洗水果Wash all your fruit with cool water.用冷水清洗所有水果。STEP 4 Prepare fruit4.准备水果Seed, skin, or core the fruit as needed.根据需要将水果去籽,削皮,去核。STEP 5 Chop fruit5.切水果Cut the fruit into uniform, bite-size pieces. With the exception of strawberries, there’s no need to slice berries or grapes.将水果切成统一的一口就可以吃掉的大小。不过草莓除外,浆果或葡萄不需要切片。STEP 6 Mix fruit with sweetener6.水果与甜味剂混合Place all your cut fruit in the large salad bowl, pour the sweetener on top, and mix.将切好的所有水果放入沙拉碗里,然后加入甜味剂,混合。STEP 7 Chill7.冷冻Chill for at least 10 minutes. Serve as is, or add a topping of yogurt or whipped cream.冷冻至少10分钟。就这样端出来,或者添加一点酸奶或生奶油。During WWII, fruit salad was promoted by the U.S. government as a great way for Americans to get a healthy amount of vitamin C in their diet.第二次世界大战期间,美国政府推广水果沙拉,作为美国人从饮食中摄入充足的维他命C的好方法。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/338255TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201510/400110

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201505/375503

  被大自然本身的神奇设计所鼓舞,休·赫尔正在研制新一代的仿生臂和机器假臂。在30年前的一次登山事故中赫尔失去了双腿;现在,他是麻省理工学院医学实验室生物医学部的负责人,在这个与他个人密切相关又充满技术的演讲中他展示了他不可思意的科技成果 — 阿德里安娜 阿斯莱特-戴维斯在2013年的波士顿马拉松赛爆炸中失去了左腿,现在她登上了TED舞台进行了她的第一次舞蹈表演。 Article/201411/340087


  在3分钟的演讲中,漫画家和教育家乔克·切奇告诉了我们一个动人的故事,从来没有人像这个老师一样照顾他--以及他如何回报她的照顾。 Article/201412/344467

  China’s central bank has cut interest rates and lowered the amount of cash banks must hold as reserves, as well as freeing up deposit rates.中国中央已经降低利率和存款准备金率,并释放存款利率。Earlier this week the world’s second largest economy reported its slowest quarterly economic growth since the global financial crisis.本周早些时候,世界第二大经济体报告了自全球金融危机以来最缓慢的经济季度增长。The sixth rate cut since last November is an attempt to cushion the slowdown: an easing of monetary policy in the face of deflationary pressures.自去年十一月以来,已第六次降息以缓冲经济放缓:面对来自通货紧缩压力的宽松货币政策。The People’s Bank of China said it was in line with the economic situation and would help support the real economy.中国人民表示这符合经济形势,将有助于持实体经济。It added that low inflation overall allowed some room for the rate cut, and conditions were mature for the removal of a ceiling on deposit rates.他补充道,整体低的通货膨胀为利率下调提供了空间,取消存款利率上线的条件是成熟的。The government remains committed to its growth target of seven percent for 2015.政府仍致力于2015年百分之七的增长目标。译文属。 Article/201510/405481


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