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The independent panel tasked with deciding a potential new flag for New Zealand has published its long list of 40 possible designs.新西兰的新国旗方案独立专家小组日前公布了40幅入围设计稿,这个小组将负责在其中选出新国旗的设计方案。Nearly 10,300 were submitted by members of the public to a government website for consideration by the government-appointed panel of 16 people.政府网站收到了新西兰民众提交的近10300幅作品,这些作品将交由政府任命的16人国旗方案专家小组进行评审。The process attracted international attention for its more off-the-wall entries, including memorably a kiwi with lasers for eyes, a crude line drawing of a man on a bicycle, a QR code, and the 10-year-old Pepe the Frog meme.由于较为稀奇古怪的参选作品,该活动吸引了国际关注。其中令人印象深刻的作品有:一只眼睛发射激光的几维鸟、一幅骑着自行车的男人的拙劣简笔画、一个二维码、甚至还有一只诞生于1995年的青蛙佩佩。Unsurprisingly, but nonetheless somewhat disappointingly, the panel went for a more refined approach in the longlist of 40 designs it published on Monday, with variations on the silver fern, the Southern Cross constellation and the koru (unfurling fern frond) featuring prominently.专家小组10日公布了40幅设计初选入围设计稿,走的是高雅路线,虽然不出意料,但还是或多或少有些让人失望。新西兰银蕨、南十字星座以及展开的银蕨叶这些入围作品里出现最多的元素。The silver fern on black designed by Kyle Lockwood which was the preference of the prime minister, John Key, before it was likened to the Islamic State’s flag by an Australian commentator is on the list.新西兰总理约翰·基(John Key)原本看好由凯尔·洛克伍德设计的黑底银蕨旗,但后来有一名澳大利亚人士指出黑底银蕨旗太像恐怖组织伊斯兰国(Islamic State)的旗帜。In an open letter jointly signed by all 12 members, the panel said its decision was guided by the input of “thousands of Kiwis across a range of communities told us when they shared what is special to them about New Zealand在一封由12名专家小组成员全体签名的公开信中,专家小组表示,数千名来自不同群体的新西兰人分享了新西兰对自已而言最特别的地方,他们是在这些民众传达出的信息的指引下做出的决定。“A potential new flag should unmistakably be from New Zealand and celebrate us as a progressive, inclusive nation that is connected to its environment, and has a sense of its past and a vision for its future.”“新国旗的候选设计毫无疑问必须具有鲜明的新西兰特色,体现出我们是一个进取、包容的国家,我们同自然和谐相处,我们铭记历史同样也面向未来。”Cultural, vexillology and art and design experts were asked to review the longlisted designs, and due diligence of all 40 will be carried out, “including robust intellectual property checks文化、旗帜学和艺术与设计方面的专家应邀审查这些入选作品,他们将认真负责地审阅全部40幅作品,“包括对这些作品进行严格的知识产权的审查”。Two designs by Pax Zwanikken, a New Zealander based in Sydney, made the longlist of the 0 or sohe submitted.住在悉尼的新西兰人帕克斯·茨瓦尼肯提交了0个左右”作品,有两幅作品入选。“My personal favourites were more simple than the ones they selected, but I’m not surprised that these two were their choice,he said. “They are potentially less divisive than some of my other concepts.”帕克斯表示:“我自己最喜欢的作品要比小组选出来的更简约,但他们选了这两幅作品我并不意外,因为同我的一些其他创意相比这两个要和谐多了。”Zwanikken said he felt that there had been a backlash against the push to change the flag instigated by Key in part because of the cost and duration of the process, which will include a two-step postal vote and is estimated to cost just under $NZ26m.更换国旗的事情由新西兰总理约翰·基发起。帕克斯说他认为更换国旗这件事遭到抵制的部分原因是开销过大耗时过长,它需要进行两轮邮寄投票,预计耗资600万新西兰元。The panel is now faced with the task of whittling down the longlist of 40 to four designs that will be put to a public vote in a binding referendum in November or December.小组现在面临着将这40幅设计稿精简幅的任务,选出款设计将1月份2月份接受公投,公投结果具有约束力。A second referendum, to be held in March 2016, will be a run-off between the current flag and the preferred alternative design.第二轮公投将016月份举行,将决定保留现在使用的国旗还是选择之前选出的新国旗设计。New Zealand’s current flag, a pairing of the Union Jack with the Southern Cross constellation that closely resembles Australia’s, was formally adopted in 1902.新西兰现在的国旗902年正式投入使用,由英联邦的米字旗和南十字星座组合而成,与澳大利亚的国旗颇为相似。来 /201508/392275Investors shunned Argentine bonds yesterday, pushing prices to their lowest level in two months after a plan by President Cristina Fernández to launch a voluntary debt swap dashed hopes of a quick settlement with some of its creditors.投资者昨日纷纷避开阿根廷债券,导致其价格降至两月来最低点。此前,阿根廷总统克里斯蒂#8226;费尔南德Cristina Fernández)提出的一项自愿债务互换计划扑灭了这个南美国家与某些债权人很快达成和解的希望。A successful debt swap could theoretically allow the South American nation to exit its default and limit the impact from the debt crisis on the country’s economy.理论上说,如果债务互换计划成功,阿根廷将得以摆脱违约,将债务危机对本国经济的影响限制在一定范围内。However, analysts said the bond swap plan meant a resolution to the decade-long dispute with holdout creditors, largely consisting of hedge funds led by billionaire Paul Singer’s Elliott Management Corp, was unlikely during the rest of Ms Fernandez’s presidency.然而,分析师表示,这项债务互换计划的提出意味着,阿根廷与“钉子户”债权人——大多是对冲基金,以亿万富翁保罗#8226;辛格(Paul Singer)的Elliott Management Corp为首——长0年的争端,不太可能在费尔南德斯剩余的总统任期内得到解决。“There had been hopes for a swift resolution to the dispute with the holdouts early next year,said David Rees, an emerging markets economist at Capital Economics. “It was notable that Ms Fernandez stated last night that she had little time left in office and that ‘this is not for this government but for the next one A deal #8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;seems unlikely until 2016 at the earliest.”“人们曾希望,与钉子户债权人的争端可以在明年初迅速解决。”凯投宏Capital Economics)的新兴市场经济学家戴#8226;里斯(David Rees)表示,“值得注意的是,费尔南德斯昨晚声明,她剩余的任期不长了,‘这不是本届政府要解决的问题,而是要留待下届政府去解决’。看上去2016年之前……不可能达成协议了。”After a rally in July amid speculation about a deal between Argentina and the holdouts, the value of its bonds started to decline in August.阿根廷债券价格7月曾反弹,当时人们猜测阿根廷与钉子户债权人有望达成和解。进月份以后,阿根廷债券价格开始下跌。They dropped further yesterday, with the country’s benchmark restructured bonds due in 2033 falling 2.67 cents to 80.07 cents on the dollar in New York the lowest price since June 19, according to Bloomberg.据彭Bloomberg)数据,阿根廷债券价格昨日进一步下跌,基准033年到期的重组后债券价格在纽约市场下.67%,至美元面值的80.07美分。A visibly nervous Ms Fernandez fought back tears in a televised speech late on Tuesday night as she announced that the government was seeking to allow bondholders to exchange their debt under foreign law for bonds of the same value governed by local law.在周二晚间的电视讲话上,明显紧张的费尔南德斯强忍眼泪,宣布阿根廷政府正试图让债券持有人将持有的适用外国法律的债券,转换为适用该国法律的等值债券。Argentina’s move was aimed at dodging a US court ruling that last month triggered the country’s second default in less than 13 years and suspended coupon payments on its restructured debt. There is about bn in Argentine debt outstanding in foreign markets.阿根廷此举旨在规避美国法院的一项判决,该判决导致阿根廷不到13年来第二次违约,暂停了对其重组后债务的利息付。阿根廷在外国市场上的未偿付债券金额约为300亿美元。“We are going to ensure payment. If one channel is obstructed, we will find another one,said economy minister Axel Kicillof. He did not offer a timeline for the debt swap, which still needs to be approved by Congress.阿根廷经济部长阿克塞#8226;基奇洛夫(Axel Kicillof)表示:“我们打算确保偿付。如果一条渠道被堵塞,我们会找到另一条。”他未提到实施债务互换计划的具体时间,该计划还有待阿根廷国会批准。New York-based Elliott declined to comment on Argentina’s proposal.总部位于纽约的埃利奥特资本管理公Elliott Management)拒绝就阿根廷的提议置评。来 /201408/322980

  The Chinese People’s Liberation Army on Tuesday accused the US of stoking tensions in the South China Sea as it released a muscular new military doctrine envisaging far-flung combat operations.中国军方周二发布了一份彰显军事实力、展望远程作战的军事白皮书,并谴责美国加剧了南中国海(South China Sea)的紧张局势。At the launch of a security white paper, PLA spokesman Yang Yujun said unnamed “outside powerswere trying to “tarnish the Chinese military’s reputation and create an atmosphere of exaggerated tension在发布这份防白皮书时,中国国防部新闻发言人杨宇军表示,“外来势力”正在努力“抹黑中国军队,刻意渲染地区紧张局势”。他并未说明外来势力是指谁。“We cannot eliminate the possibility that this is to create excuses for the actions that certain countries may be planning to take,said Colonel Yang. “This is not a new trick, and has been used many times in the past.”“也不排除这是为个别国家今后可能采取的一些行动寻找借口,”杨宇军大校说,“这也不是什么新的伎俩,历史上大家已经见过多次了。”International concerns have risen in recent months over China’s accelerating efforts to create habitable islands on remote coral reefs in the South China Sea, mirroring efforts by neighbours including Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines intended to buttress maritime claims in the region.近几个月来,国际社会对中国在南中国海域遥远的珊瑚礁上建造可居住岛屿感到日益担忧。中国的做法跟越南、台湾和菲律宾等邻国或地区类似,以持本国在该地区的海上主权要求。In the past month, the US has stepped up surveillance flights over the Chinese construction projects. In one case, a P-8 Poseidon aircraft carried a camera crew from television network CNN, which broadcast radio warnings issued by the Chinese navy. The US is considering flying surveillance missions even closer to the islands, as well as sailing warships within a few miles of them, as part of a new, more robust US military posture in the area.过去一个月里,美国增加了对中国海上工程的监视飞行。几天前,一架P-8海神(Poseidon)海上巡逻机搭载了CNN的一个摄制组执行了一次这样的飞行任务,后者报道称,中国海军对此发出了无线电警告。美国正考虑派飞机前往距离这些岛屿更近的区域执行监视任务,并派战舰驶入距这些岛屿几英里的海域内,以彰显美国在该地区更强硬的军事力量。“I think in the past few weeks, it seems that suddenly there is a lot of uproar regarding this,said Colonel Yang. “There has been a lot of hype surrounding this news. Is it because the South China Sea has shrunk and become more crowded?”“为什么最近这一段时间或者说最近几周以来,突然这个事情就闹起来了,这个信息就炒起来了,是不是南海突然间缩小了?”杨宇军大校说。“我可以告诉大家,南海很宽阔,一点也没有缩小。”The war of words takes place against a broad rethink of China’s defence policy, presented in the white paper on Tuesday.这场口水战发生之际,各方正对中国防务策略进行广泛的反思。这种反思在周二发布的白皮书中也有呈现。“China’s Military Strategy the eighth such white paper since 1998, emphasises the evolution of the country’s security needs away from simple territorial defence towards an offensive capacity overseas.这是中国998年以来发布的第八什?中国的军事战略》白皮书,强调中国的安全需求正从简单的国土防御转向海外进攻能力。The paper also highlighted information and propaganda as key strategic elements in the “winning of informationised local warsthe same day as the PLA opened an account on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter.白皮书强调,中国要将军事斗争准备基点放在“打赢信息化局部战争上”。中国国防部在发布白皮书的同日,还在新浪微上开通“国防部发布”账号。Army operations would “continue to reorient from theatre defence to trans-theatre mobility according to the document, while the navy would shift its focus from “offshore waters defenceto “open-seas protection The air force, meanwhile, would shift focus from “territorial air defenceto “defence and offence白皮书称,中国陆军要继续实现”机动作战、立体攻防”的战略要求,海军要将战略重点从“近海防御”转向“远海护卫”,空军则要实现“国土防空型向攻防兼备型转变”。A new counter-terrorism law still under discussion would for the first time legalise the stationing of Chinese troops abroad without a UN mandate, seen as a precursor to military operations further afield.中国正在讨论制定一部反恐法。这部法律将首次授权中国军队在没有获得联合国授权的情况下执行海外任务。外界认为,此举可能为中国在更远地区采取军事行动铺平道路。While the white paper promised that China would never attack first, it also made clear that China perceived itself to be surrounded by threats. It described “new threats from hegemonism, power politics and neo-interventionismas well as from terrorism, separatism,while insisting that “anti-China forces have never given up their attempt to instigate a “colour revolutionin the country.尽管白皮书承诺中国将不会率先发起攻击,但它也明确表示,中国面对多元复杂的安全威胁,包括“霸权主义、强权政治和新干涉主义”,以及恐怖主义和分裂势力,并强调“反华势力”一直没有放弃在中国制造“颜色革命”的努力。来 /201505/377415



  It rang out at the Metropolitan Opera, with Plácido Domingo conducting, and before performances by the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and others. Muslim leaders sang it in Paris at the scene of one of Friday’s deadly terror attacks. London’s Wembley Stadium will display its lyrics on large screens to help English-speaking soccer fans muddle through it Tuesday when England plays France.在普拉西多·多明戈(Plácido Domingo)指挥之下,这曲子在大都会歌剧院响起;费城交响乐团、芝加哥歌剧团、底特律交响乐团以及许多乐队献上表演之前同样演奏了它。穆斯林领袖们在周五致命恐怖攻击的一处现场之外歌唱它。星期二,英格兰与法国足球队在伦敦温布利体育场展开角逐之前,大屏幕上会播放它的歌词,帮助说英语的球迷一起磕磕绊绊地唱。“La Marseillaisehas echoed around the world since Friday’s terrorist attacks an expression of solidarity with the people of France and of outrage at the carnage caused by the terrorists who killed 129 people Friday during a series of coordinated attacks in Paris. But the ubiquity of the song, the French national anthem, reflects something else too: the way “La Marseillaiseresonates emotionally around the world in a way few other national anthems do.自从周五的恐怖袭击事件之后,《马赛曲La Marseillaise)的歌声在全世界回响,人们以此表示对法国人民的持,以及对恐怖分子暴行的义愤——他们于周五在巴黎发起一系列协同攻击,杀死了129人。但是,这首法兰西共和国的国歌之所以无处不在,还反映出其他一些东西:罕少有一首国歌能像《马赛曲》这样,在世界的任何地方,都令人心情激荡。What other anthem can boast of being ed by the Beatles (in the introduction to “All You Need Is Love, Tchaikovsky (812 Overture and Debussy (who used fragments in his “Feux d’artifice? Or of being covered by the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and the singer Serge Gainsbourg, who recorded a reggae adaptation? Or of anchoring emotional scenes in two masterpieces of world cinema: Jean Renoir’s “Grand Illusionand, a few years later, “Casablanca,in the unforgettable scene where the regulars at Rick’s Café Américain sing it as an act of defiance to drown out Nazis singing a German patriotic song?还有哪一国的国歌曾被“披头士Beatles)在歌曲前奏中使用(《你所需要的只是爱》[All You Need Is Love]),或是出现在柴可夫斯基(Tchaikovsky)的812序曲1812 Overture)里?德彪Debussy)的《焰火Feux d’artifice)亦曾使用它的片段。哪一国的国歌曾被爵士钢琴手强哥·莱恩哈Django Reinhardt)翻唱,被歌手塞尔日·甘斯布(Serge Gainsbourg)录过雷鬼版本?又有哪一国的国歌曾在两部世界影坛的杰作中唤起扣人心弦的一幕?——先是让·雷诺Jean Renoir)的《大幻影Grand Illusion),几年后又是《卡萨布兰卡Casablanca),在那令人难忘的场景里,里克的“美国咖啡”酒吧的常客们唱起这首歌作为反抗,声音压过了纳粹士兵的德国爱国歌曲。Of course there were other songs taken up after the Paris attacks. Madonna paid tribute to the people of France, and Piaf, by singing “La Vie en Roseduring a concert in Stockholm on Saturday. Coldplay, at a concert in Los Angeles on Saturday, paid its own tribute to the people of Paris by playing a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”当然,巴黎恐怖袭击后,也出现了其它歌曲的声音。星期六,麦当娜在斯德哥尔的演唱会上,以一曲《玫瑰人生La Vie en Rose)向法国人民与艾迪特·皮雅芙( Piaf)致敬。“酷玩Coldplay)星期六在洛杉矶的演唱会上翻唱了约翰·列John Lennon)的《想象Imagine),作为对民的致意。But it is “La Marseillaisethat has provided much of the soundtrack since the attacks from the French soccer fans who sang it as they were evacuated from the stadium to the mourners who gathered around the world, from the French Embassy in Dublin to Union Square in New York, where French students sang it.但恐怖袭击之后,毕竟还是《马赛曲》更多地在人群上空回荡——法国足球球迷们从体育场撤退时,他们唱的是这歌;世界各地的哀悼者们聚集在一起时,他们唱的是这歌;在都柏林的法国大使馆,人们唱着这歌;法国学生们在纽约的联合广场集会,唱的还是这歌。And, since the attacks, the anthem has been played at sporting events around the world, including at N.B.A. games at Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks played the New Orleans Pelicans, and at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the Clippers played the Detroit Pistons, and at several N.H.L. games in Canada.自从恐怖袭击之后,这国歌亦在全世界的体育赛事上回响,包括NBA的赛场——纽约尼克斯队与新奥尔良鹈鹕队交锋的麦迪逊广场花园;洛杉矶快船队与底特律活塞队交锋的斯台普斯中心;国家冰球联盟在加拿大举行的若干比赛上也播放了这首歌。It is a rousing anthem but, as French speakers can attest, hardly a song of peace. Its most bloodthirsty verses especially one calling for spilling the “impure bloodof enemies have long attracted controversy. Over the years there have been calls by prominent French citizens, including, in 1992, by Danielle Mitterrand, who was then France’s first lady to rewrite its most bellicose lyrics. But traditionalists won out, and the call to spill impure blood remains.这是一首鼓舞人心的歌曲,但是说法语的人都知道,它绝非一首和平之歌。歌词中那些嗜血的段落经常引起争议,特别是其中有一段,要让敌人流下“肮脏的血”。多年来,不少法国名人都曾经呼吁改写歌中好战的歌词,1992年,时任法国第一夫人的达妮埃尔·密特朗(Danielle Mitterrand)就曾如此建议。但毕竟是维护传统的人占了上风,“肮脏的血”得以保留。The song took a twisty path to becoming France’s national anthem. It was written in 1792 by Capt. Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle to inspire French troops under siege by Prussian soldiers in Strasbourg, and it was originally called “The War Hymn of the Army of the Rhine.It soon became an anthem of revolutionary France, and was given its current name after soldiers from Marseilles sang it on their marches. It fell in and out of favor in France during the 19th century, but was adopted by liberal and revolutionary movements elsewhere in Europe and around the world, and officially became the French national anthem in 1879.这首歌在成为法国国歌之前,曾经走过曲折的道路792年,克劳德·约瑟夫·鲁热·德·利尔上Capt. Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle)为激励斯特拉斯堡受普鲁士军队围困的法国士兵,写下了这首歌,原名是《莱茵军进行曲The War Hymn of the Army of the Rhine)。它很快成了法国大革命的颂歌,后来马赛士兵进军巴黎之时,它得到了如今这个名字。整9世纪,它在法国的命运经历了大起大落,但最终被欧洲乃至整个世界的自由与革命运动所接受879年,它正式成为法国国歌。“There are two sides to ‘La Marseillaise,’the French scholar Michel Vovelle once wrote in an essay included in “Realms of Memory: The Construction of the French Past.“On the one hand it is a revolutionary rune that extols not just liberty but the values of a new world, while on the other hand it is a war song that expresses, with a zeal sometimes deemed ‘sanguinary,the patriotic sentiments of an embattled nation.”“《马赛曲》有其两面性,”法国学者米歇尔·沃韦Michel Vovelle)在文中写道,该文收录于《记忆的国度:法国过去的建立Realms of Memory: The Construction of the French Past)一书中。“一方面,它是革命的神圣符号,不仅歌颂自由,也颂扬新世界的价值观;另一方面,它是一首战争歌曲,其中的热忱有时会显得‘血腥’,这是一个战斗中的国家迸发出来的爱国情感。”At the Metropolitan Opera, where it was played Saturday before a matinee of Puccini’s “Tosca,the lyrics were included in an insert in the programs, along with a message that : “The Metropolitan Opera mourns the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks and will perform the French National Anthem as a show of our solidarity with the citizens of France at today’s matinee performance.”星期六,在大都会歌剧院,下午场普契Puccini)的《托斯卡Tosca)上演之前,这段歌词出现在舞台上的字幕里,此外还有这样一则消息:“大都会歌剧院为巴黎恐怖袭击中的牺牲者哀悼,今日的下午场演出中上演《马赛曲》,以示我们与法国人民团结一心。”The audience stood. Many sang, drowned out by the chorus and opera singers onstage. And when it was over, there were cheers, and shouts of “Vive la France!”观众们站起身来。很多人跟着一起唱,与舞台上歌剧演员们的声音渐渐融合在一起,成为宏大的合唱。一曲告终,欢呼响起,人们高喊着,“法兰西万岁!”来 /201511/410947Marco Tronchetti Provera has pulled it off again, managing to keep control of tiremaker Pirelli SpA even as he brings in yet another foreign partner to prop up the company.马可o特隆凯蒂o普罗维拉再次取得了胜利。他既保留了对倍耐力的控制权,又从国外引进了另一位合作伙伴来振兴这家轮胎制造企业。In a deal announced early Monday in Beijing, Chinese state-owned chemicals giant ChemChina, or CNCC, said it would buy Tronchetti Provera’s holding company Camfin, which is Pirelli’s biggest shareholder with a blocking stake of 26.19%.周一凌晨,中国化工集团在北京宣布,该集团将收购特隆凯蒂o普罗维拉的控股公司Camfin,后者是倍耐力最大股东,持有26.19%的拦截性股权。Once that deal is completed, CNCC will make a full takeover bid for the company together with Camfin and “other investors including Italian banks UnicreditSpA and IntesaSanpaoloSpA, as well as Russian oil company OAO Rosneft, Reuters reported.据路透社报道,收购完成后,中化集团、Camfin以及“其他投资者”将对倍耐力剩余股份发起全面收购。其他投资者包括意大利联合信贷和联合圣保罗,以及俄罗斯石油公司。The deal is typical of the challenges facing Italy’s proud blue-chips and the dynastic-minded tycoons who control them. It aims at allowing the company to gaining enough scale to keep it globally competitive while keeping the company’s patriarch in control.对骄傲的意大利蓝筹公司以及那些满脑子世袭制的控股大亨来说,这次收购充分体现了他们所面临的挑战。此举旨在让倍耐力获得足够的空间,以便保持全球竞争力,同时让公司的元老们继续掌握控制权。CNCC will gain access to Pirelli’s intellectual property and roll it out in the faster growing Chinese and Asian markets–the statement says that it will be able to double sales volumes, although it doesn’t give a timeframe. At the same time, Tronchetti Provera, 67, avoids losing the degree of influence that would come if Pirelli had to merge with a listed rival like Goodyear Inc. GT 1.81% or France’s Michelin MGDDY -0.56% .Jianxin Ran, CNCC said it’s “delighted with the opportunity to team中化集团将获得倍耐力的知识产权,并将其应用于增长较快的中国和亚洲市场。该集团在声明中表示,它可以让倍耐力轮胎的销量翻番,但没有提及所需的时间。同时,如果倍耐力必须和固特异或者法国米其林这样的上市竞争对手合并,67岁的特隆凯蒂o普罗维拉在倍耐力的影响力将受到影响,而此举避免了这一情况的发生。中化集团董事长任建新表示,该公司“很高兴有机会和马可o特隆凯蒂o普罗维拉先生及其团队合作。”A year earlier, Tronchetti Provera appeared to have solved the problem by selling half of Camfin to Rosneft, but that quickly became a political problem for him as both Rosneft and its chairman Igor Sechin (one of four Pirelli board members from the Russian company) found themselves on U.S. sanctions lists. Rosneft didn’t immediately respond to an e-mail asking whether Sechin would remain a director the company after the full takeover.一年前,特隆凯蒂o普罗维拉将Camfin的一半股份转让给了俄罗斯石油公司,这似乎解决了问题。但此举很快给他带来了政治麻烦,原因是美国把俄罗斯石油公司及其董事长伊戈尔o谢钦(从俄罗斯石油公司进入倍耐力的四名董事之一)列入了制裁名单。我们给俄罗斯石油公司发了电子邮件,询问如果中化集团全面收购倍耐力,谢钦是否还会留在董事会,但尚未获得回应。The deal values Pirelli at EUR15 a share, 20% more than Rosneft paid a year ago. And in early trading in Milan Monday, the shares rose well above that level, suggesting that the market thinks that either the full takeover bid, when it comes, will be higher, or that there may be a counter-offer from someone else.中化集团对倍耐力的收购价为每5欧元,比一年前俄罗斯石油公司的出价0%。周一米兰交所开盘后不久,倍耐力的股价就已经远远超过了这一水平。这表明市场认为要么随后的全面收购报价将更高,要么会有人站出来和中化集团竞价。The deal is also interesting because, in valuing Pirelli at EUR7 billion (.3 billion), it’s one of the biggest foreign deals in recent years by a company backed by the Chinese state (although it’s entirely consistent with the way Chinese state institutions have snapped up smaller portfolio shares in other blue-chip Italian companies recently).本次收购对倍耐力的估值为70亿欧元(73亿美元)。它的另一个有趣之处在于,这是近年来中国国企实施的最大海外收购之一(只是本次收购的模式和其他中国国企最近的行为完全一致,那就是在其他意大利蓝筹公司取得少量股什?) /201503/367075

  As addresses by foreign leaders go, Shinzo Abe’s was less than rousing. Bibi Netanyahu got more ovations per paragraph than Mr Abe’s entire speech. But the Japanese prime minister’s agenda has a higher chance of success. His speech the first by a Japanese leader to both houses of Congress had two explicit aims. The first was to talk up the US military rebalancing to Asia. The second was to boost chances of a conclusion to theTrans-Pacific Partnership. To judge by what he said, Mr Abe is making more progress on the military dimension. He offered among the most robust endorsements by any Asian leader of Barack Obama’s “pivot to Asia就外国领导人发表的演讲而言,安倍晋Shinzo Abe)的演讲不那么富有煽动力。本雅明#8226;内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)一段话赢得的欢呼,就比安倍整篇演讲赢得的欢呼还多。但这位日本首相的议程有着更高的成功几率。他的演讲——这是日本领导人首次对美国国会参众两院联席会议发表演讲——有两个明确目标。首先是高度评价美国在军事上重新向亚洲倾斜的战略。其次是提高《跨太平洋伙伴关系》(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)达成的机会。从安倍演讲的内容看,他在军事方面取得了更多进展。他对巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的重返亚洲战略给予了亚洲各国领导人中最有力的肯定。Though Mr Abe never said “Chinaor “containment strengthening the US-Japan hedge against a rising China was his implicit theme. Yet he was far more specific on the military details of how that would be accomplished. Those among sceptical US lawmakers looking for detailed pledges from Japan on dismantling barriers to American beef, rice or vehicles would have been disappointed. Mr Abe added nothing to the vague pledges he and Mr Obama used in their White House press conference on Tuesday. There had been a hope that Mr Abe’s US trip would push the TPP talks towards a clinching moment. His speech will only add to the concern that we are still awaiting breakthroughs on TPP. Mr Abe’s most notable comment was a veiled reference to China when he said the 12-nation deal should build a market “free from the arbitrary intentions of any nation虽然安倍只字未提“中国”或者“遏制”,但是加强美日同盟以抗衡正在崛起的中国是他在字里行间的主题。他在如何实现这一点的军事细节问题上具体得多。不过,一些满腹狐疑、期待从日本那里得到消除针对美国牛肉、大米或汽车的贸易壁垒的具体承诺的美国议员肯定会失望。除了他和奥巴马周二在白宫举行的记者会上做出的含糊承诺外,安倍没有做出任何新的承诺。此前有人希望,安倍访美之行将推动TPP谈判迈向敲定时刻。他的演讲只会加剧外界的一种担忧,即我们仍在等待TPP谈判取得突破。安倍就TPP发表的最值得一提的言论是他含蓄提到中国,他表示,这个12国之间的协定应当构建一个“不受任何国家武断意图配”的市场。Mr Abe was far more direct about the demand for more US military hardware than he was about its goods and services. In this respect, he was continuing in the tradition of his predecessors. Yet there was a far more militaristic tinge to his narrative. Japan, he said, would support America’s Asia rebalancing “first, last and throughout He set out in detail his efforts to water down the US-framed Japanese constitution to permit its self-defence forces a more overt role. Japan would build a new “credible deterrencethat would enable it to co-operate more fully with US forces in the region. It would pump money into an upgrade of the US base in Guam (more than bn). Tokyo was also deepening military ties with India and Australia, which are the two of the largest bulwarks against China’s creeping expansionism. He also set out his principles on the “state of Asian watersa response to Beijing’s hyperactivity in the South China Sea.相比美国的产品和务,安倍在谈到需要更多美国的军事装备时要直接得多。他在这方面继承了几位前任的传统。然而他的叙述带有浓厚得多的穷兵黩武色。他表示,日本将“身先士卒、坚持到最后并且全程”持美国在军事上重返亚洲。他详细介绍了他淡化美国确定框架的日本和平宪法的努力,目的是让日本自卫队扮演更加高调的角色。日本将打造新的“可信威慑”,使其能够在该地区与美军展开更全面合作。日本将向关岛美军基地的升级改造提供更多资金(超过20亿美元)。东京方面还在深化与印度和澳大利亚的军事关系,这两个国家是抵御中国蚕食式扩张主义的两大壁垒。他还阐述了他对“亚洲水域现状”的原则,这是对中国在南中国海活跃行为的回应。To American ears, Mr Abe’s words were those of a strong ally, regretful of its militaristic past on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in the Pacific. He made strong if precedented references to Japanese regret over the US lives felled in Bataan, Corregidor, and the Coral Sea. But to Japan’s Asian neighbours, Mr Abe offered nothing new. There was no advance on previous apologies over Japan’s treatment of second world war “comfort womenor reassurances that he would reverse the trend towards historical revisionism in Japanese textbooks. In that sense, Mr Abe’s speech was disappointing. It also points up the limits to his support for Mr Obama’s Asia pivot. The US rebalancing hinges on the America-Japan alliance. Yet it is also limited by it. Until Japan is accepted as a fully repentant power by its neighbours, including China, Mr Abe’s utility as a US ally will be double-edged.在美国人听来,安倍像是一个坚强的盟友,在太平洋战争结0周年前夕对日本的军国主义历史颇有悔意。他以强烈的语气(尽管并非没有先例)提到日方对在巴丹(Bataan)、科雷希Corregidor)和珊瑚海(Coral Sea)死去的美国人深表遗憾。但是,安倍对亚洲邻国没有作出新的表态。在日本在二战期间对待“慰安妇”的问题上,他没有在以往道歉的基础上进一步表态,也没有保他将逆转日本教科书内容的历史修正主义趋势。就此而言,安倍的讲话令人失望。这也暴露了安倍对奥巴马重返亚洲战略的持的局限性。美国的重新部署有赖于美日同盟。然而,它也受到这个同盟的限制。在日本被包括中国在内的邻国接受为一个完全忏悔的国家之前,安倍作为美国盟友的功用将是一把双刃剑。来 /201505/372946


  Tabare Vazquez, a 75-year-old oncologist, becomes Uruguays new president Sunday; his second time in that office. He was Uruguays president from 2005 to 2010. The South American country bars presidents from serving consecutive terms, which last five years.75岁的肿瘤医生塔瓦雷·巴斯克斯周日成为乌拉圭新总统,这是他第二次担任这一职务,上次是005年到2010年。这个南美国家禁止总统五年之内连任。Mr. Vazquez takes the leadership role of Uruguay from the highly popular Jose Mujica, a former guerilla fighter known for his humble lifestyle. Both President Mujica and President-elect Vazquez belong to the Broad Front Coalition, which has been in power for a decade.巴斯克斯的前任何塞·穆希卡非常受欢迎。他从前是游击队员,生活俭朴。这两位总统都来自“广泛阵线”。这个左翼政党执政已经连0年。Under Mr. Mujica, Uruguay legalized marijuana and the right to an abortion. Mr. Mujicas lifestyle includes living on a modest farm and driving an aging, weathered Volkswagen Beetle. His three-legged dog is his almost-constant companion.在何塞·穆希卡任期内,乌拉圭实现了大麻和堕胎的合法化。他住在一个简陋的农场,开一辆老旧的大众甲壳虫汽车,他身边的伙伴是一条腿的。U.S. Vice President Joe Biden called Mr. Vazquez Saturday to offer the president-elect congratulations on his upcoming inauguration.美国副总统拜登周六与巴斯克斯通过电话,对他当选总统并即将上任表示祝贺。Biden also expressed his regrets at having to cancel his trip to the inauguration, but told Mr. Vazquez that President Barack Obama was sending Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Krysta Harden and U.S. Deputy Representative to the ed Nations Ambassador Michele Sison to attend the ceremony.他还对无法出席巴斯克斯的就职典礼表示遗憾,但表示奥巴马总统已派农业部副部长克里斯塔·哈登和美国驻联合国副代表米歇尔·西逊前往乌拉圭。来 /201503/361609。


  The passengers and crew of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 most likely died from suffocation and coasted lifelessly into the ocean on autopilot, a new report released by Australian officials on Thursday said.据雅虎新闻报道,26日,澳大利亚官方发布最新报告称,马航失踪航班MH370搭载的乘客和机组人员极有可能在飞机坠落前就已死于窒息,而飞机随后在自动驾驶模式下坠入印度洋。In a 55-page report, the Australian Transport Safety Board outlined how investigators had arrived at this conclusion after comparing the conditions on the flight with previous disasters, although it contained no new evidence from within the jetliner.在这份长5页的报告中,澳大利亚运输安全局表示,调查人员将MH370的状况与此前失事的飞机相比较,虽然在飞机本身方面没有新发现,但得出了上述结论。The report narrowed down the possible final resting place from thousands of possible routes, while noting the absence of communications and the steady flight path and a number of other key abnormalities in the course of the ill-fated flight.;Given these observations, the final stages of the unresponsive crew/hypoxia event type appeared to best fit the available evidence for the final period of MH370s flight when it was heading in a generally southerly direction,; the ATSB report said.该报告从上千条预估路线中锁定了MH370可能坠落的位置。此外,该报告还列出了航班失联、航线确定等一系列失常状况。“据观测,现有据与失联机组人员最后阶段处于缺氧状态的猜想极为吻合,而当时飞机正向南航行。”All of that suggested that the plane most likely crashed farther south into the Indian Ocean than previously thought, Australian officials also said, leading them to announce a shift farther south within the prior search area.以上种种表明,MH370在印度洋内的坠落位置极可能比此前猜想的更偏南。澳方官员也表示,他们的优先搜索区域也会随之更向南深入。The new analysis comes more than 100 days after the Boeing 777, carrying 239 passengers and crew, disappeared on March 8 shortly after taking off from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing.此份分析报告据事发已超过100天日,这架波音777型号飞机,预计从吉隆坡飞往北京,搭载乘客和机组人员39人,起飞不久便已失踪。Investigators say what little evidence they have to work with suggests the plane was deliberately diverted thousands of kilometers from its scheduled route before eventually plunging into the Indian Ocean.调查人员称,他们目前并未掌握飞机最终坠落于印度洋前曾被人为转向,离开既定航线几千千米的据。The search was narrowed in April after a series of acoustic pings thought to be from the planes black box recorders were heard along a final arc where analysis of satellite data put its last location.But a month later, officials conceded the wreckage was not in that concentrated area, some 1,600 km (1,000 miles) off the northwest coast of Australia, and the search area would have to be expanded.4月,一系列可能由MH370黑匣子发出的声音信号被监测到,位置在最后一条弧线上,同时此处也是人造卫星数据最后一次确定的位置,搜索范围由此得以缩小。然而,一个月后,官方发布消息称,在距澳大利亚西北海岸线约1600千米的海域内并未发现飞机残骸,搜索范围不得不扩大;The new priority area is still focused on the seventh arc, where the aircraft last communicated with satellite. We are now shifting our attention to an area further south along the arc,; Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss told reporters in Canberra.Truss said the area was determined after a review of satellite data, early radar information and aircraft performance limits after the plane diverted across the Malaysian peninsula and headed south into one of the remotest areas of the planet.;It is highly, highly likely that the aircraft was on autopilot otherwise it could not have followed the orderly path that has been identified through the satellite sightings,; Truss said.澳大利亚副总理沃伦·特拉斯称:“最新优先搜索区域仍锁定在第七弧线上,即MH370最后与人造卫星联络的区域。我们不会继续沿该弧线向南推进搜索范围。”特拉斯表示,该区域的确定参考了人造卫星数据、早先雷达信息以及飞机性能限制,飞机飞过马来半岛后转向,向全球最南端前行。“MH370极有可能处于自由驾驶状态,否则飞机不可能沿有序路线前行,而人造卫星记录的数据也已辅助确定了该路线。”The next phase of the search is expected to start in August and take a year, covering some 60,000 sq km at a cost of A million ( million) or more. The search is aly the most expensive in aviation history.The new priority search area is around 2,000 km west of Perth, a stretch of isolated ocean frequently lashed by storm force winds and massive swells.下阶段搜索预计将月展开,为期一年,覆盖万平方千米,花费至少6千万澳币00万美元)。此次搜索已经成为航空史上花费最多的一次。最新优先搜索区域在珀斯以西约2000千米处,此片海域常有大风大浪。Two vessels, one Chinese and one from Dutch engineering company Fugro , are currently mapping the sea floor along the arc, where depths exceed 5,000 meters in parts.A tender to find a commercial operator to conduct the sea floor search closes on Monday.分别来自中国和荷兰工程公司辉固的两艘船目前正沿第七弧线搜寻海底,部分区域水深超过5000米。0日,招募公司承保海底搜寻工作的投标会就将结束。来 /201406/308586


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