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But none of those hunters ever tried to不过从未有捕杀者venture into the frigid interior of the Antarctic continent.冒险登上冰天雪地的南极大陆The first successful attempt第一次成功的尝试to do that was made only a hundred years ago.出现在一百年前This hut was the base for one这间小木屋of the most famous expeditions in polar history.是极地史上最闻名遐迩的探险基地It was from here in 1911 that Captain Scott and his team1911年 斯科特船长率领的队伍launched their attempt to从这里出发be the first people to reach the South Pole.拉开了第一次冲向南极点的旅程The cold, dry conditions have preserved the interior寒冷和干燥的环境使小屋内部of the hut almost exactly as the expedition members left it.保存得几乎如探险队离开时一样Expedition photographer Herbert Ponting探险摄影家赫伯特·庞汀captured the spirit of the age of exploration.依然留存着探险时的照片These first explorers第一批探险者borrowed the techniques of the Arctic peoples.从北极居民那借来装备They wore fur gloves and boots他们戴着毛皮手套 穿着靴子and burned seal blubber to keep warm.燃烧海豹脂肪取暖They built sleds based on a traditional Inuit design.他们按因纽特人的传统设计制造雪橇They even made their sleeping bags from reindeer hide.甚至还用驯鹿皮做成睡袋 /201212/214230。

  • Opana Mobile Radar Station.欧帕拿移动雷达站30 miles north of Pearl Harbor.在珍珠港北部30英里处Radar operator Joe Lockhard makes first contact.雷达操作人员乔·洛克哈德最先发现异常What#39;s this?这是什么Two blips are showing something out to sea.两个物体光点显示有物体来自于海上Radar is still experimental technology in 1941.1941年,雷达仍属实验性技术Its importance is about to be realized.人们尚未意识到它的重要性If I could reach out and touch you from greater distances,如果我能在远距离外发现你并及时实施打击I had a tactical strategic advantage.我就有了技术性战略优势Radar will evolve into a system essential to the modern world.雷达将会发展成为对现代世界至关重要的系统Tracking 10 million flights around America and 5 billion passengers around the world every year.追踪每年来往于美国的一千万次航班和来往于世界各地的50亿乘客Definitely incoming.绝对是有飞机在过来So far, America has kept out ofthe Second World War.到目前为止 美国仍置身于二战以外We had almost our whole fleet in one little harbor,one little area.我们几乎所有的战舰都集中于这个小港口,这个弹丸之地We were sitting ducks.人为刀俎 我为鱼肉 But then again, we trusted in the Japanese.但当时我们相信日本人At the same time, we were having peace talks with them.彼时 我们正在和他们和谈They even gave us a peace medal.他们甚至赠予我们和平奖章America is about to receive the biggest wake-up call it#39;s ever known.美国人将经历一次史无前例的惊世觉醒Operator.操作员Private Joseph McDonald of the 580th Aircraft Warning Division.580防空预警联队士兵约瑟夫·麦克唐纳Yeah, this is Opana.是,这里是欧帕拿It looks like there are a large number of planes coming in from the north, three points east.似乎有大量的飞机从北边飞过来,在东边三点钟方向I think everyone#39;s gone off shift. Hold on.我想大家都下班了,稍等It#39;s early Sunday morning.那是一个星期天的清晨Japan is over 4,000 miles from Hawaii.日本距离夏威夷4000多英里Pearl Harbor is not expected to be attacked.珍珠港被袭令人出乎意料 /201302/224936。
  • OH7B^)f-^C1ppbd0Pnku^-8jo4rIn the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Pangani river is at the centre of a struggle for water. Poor rainfall in recent years has left the land, the dams, the people and animals thirsty for water. Demand is growing even as supplies diminish. Without intervention the outlook is bleak. Earth Report investigates the shortages, the conflicts and the plans to safeguard the health of the Pangani river basin.UF2a~ZsXb@0~]]v在乞力马扎罗山的阴影下,潘加尼河在当中挣扎着Eg_tKZ800VqOS*G。近年来可怜的降雨量已经远离这片土地,大坝、人类和动物们对水的渴求已经到了一定程度elw+P.dcbA#t4%W~。需求量增长而供应量减少a^cWH@%.dDP!vEuWS。没有外界条件干预进来,前景十分黯淡Y5%95I|6qz5|HS3n。本期地球报告节目给您展示的是潘加尼河流域的水资源短缺,冲突及健康保护计划BNsPq#T]bPcO!nj[0z。zj8ZPC7P_G词语解释:]rVF-5rFCn-1. struggle v. 挣扎2. rainfall n. 降雨3. thirsty a. 口渴mMNCl118Z;xFoqXCHKc)i0EaReFg9OZZHrUmdBJcR[F Article/201111/162020。
  • 杰夫.奥尔森倡导一种奥林匹克精神——健康理念。他呼吁人们在生活中普及健康观念,将之作为一种流行时尚,用文化的形式植入人们的心中。他还呼吁人们借助奥运会这个时刻传播健康理念,让世界实现良性发展。 Article/201208/193869。
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