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Chinese city dogged by criticism over dog-meat festivalResidents of a small city in southern China plan to hold an annual dog-meat festival on Friday amid intense criticism from animal rights groups, which have denounced the one-day event as unsafe and inhumane.Residents of Yulin in Guangxi province consider the festival an ancient summer solstice tradition. Many cherish their city#39;s dog-meat culture, which involves the mass consumption of dog-meat hotpot served with lychees and strong grain liquor.Animal rights groups say 10,000 dogs are slaughtered during the festival each year, and that many are electrocuted, burned and skinned alive. Pictures posted online show flayed dogs, dogs hanging from meat hooks, and piles of dog corpses on the side of the road. In China dog meat isprized as a nutritious wintertime dish that doctors can prescribe to treat maladies such as impotence and poor circulation.Activists have tried to block the event on numerous occasions through open letters and street protests. Some have implored the UK and US governments to interfere with the festival via online petitions. ;Please help us stop the Yulin Festival of eating dogs in Guangxi province. It is bloody and disregards life,; a petition on the US White House website was titled.;They use knives to kill the dogs which are alive,; it said, according to the South China Morning Post. ;Then people would like to burn the dogs, which are conscious, so they can eat them.; The petition was recently taken down because it failed to meet the 100,000 signature threshold required to elicit a response from the Obama administration.According to an open letter by the Hong Kong-based NGO Animals Asia, many of the dogs consumed during the festival are strays and abductees. Some are transported to the city on filthy, overcrowded trucks, significantly increasing the risk that they carry rabies and other contagious diseases. Yulin officials claim that the dogs are raised by local farmers.;Stolen dogs without quarantine certificates are cruelly slaughtered and sold to restaurants at very low prices,; Master Huici, assistant director of the Hebei Buddhism Charity Foundation, told the state-run Global Times newspaper.Yulin officials did not pick up the phone on Tuesday afternoon, outside of working hours.Last month Chinese border officials seized 213 bear paws – an expensive ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine – and arrested two Russian citizens for trying to smuggle them into the country in vehicle tyres. /201306/245021UNIVERSITY students are a major proportion of the more than 6.5 million young Chinese women who have abortions each year, according to a new report, sparking concerns over students becoming more open to premarital sex.根据一项新报告,在每年超过650万中国堕胎的年轻女性中,大学生是一个重要的比例。这引发了关于学生对婚前性行为变得更加开放问题的关注。According to the report by China#39;s National Population and Family Planning Commission, a total of 13 million women have abortions each year, the largest number in the world.根据中国国家人口和计划生育委员会的这个报告,每年共有1300万女性堕胎,是世界上数量最多的。More than half of the women are under 25 years old, while university students comprise the majority of that group.超过一半的女性都在25岁以下,而大学生占据了这一群体的大部分。Two recent surveys showed 48 percent of university students in southern Guangdong Province said they approve of premarital sex, while about 40 percent said they don#39;t care whether their partners are virgins, according to the newspaper.最近的两项调查显示,在中国南部的广东省有48%的大学生表示他们赞成婚前性行为,而约40%的受访者表示他们不关心他们的对象是否是处女,根据该报纸。The report and surveys have experts concerned that university students are becoming more and more open-minded on premarital sex, likely as a result of a lack of sex education.该报告和调查的专家担心大学生对婚前性行为正变得越来越开放,可能是由于缺乏性教育的结果。In central Wuhan City, villagers have built apartments around a university as part of a booming business of renting rooms to student couples, the newspaper said.在中部城市武汉,居民在大学周围建造公寓以便向大学生情侣出租客房已成为一项蓬勃发展的业务,本报记者表示。Almost every evening, young couples can be seen spending nights together at the ;hotels; after school. A female junior surnamed Li told the newspaper that she moved into an apartment with her boyfriend so they could share rent and look after each other.几乎每个晚上都可以看到年轻情侣放学后在“酒店”一起过夜。一位姓李的女孩告诉本报记者,她和她男友一起搬进了公寓,这样他们就可以分担租金,彼此照顾。Li said she dared not tell her parents, but it was very common among her classmates as ;over one-fourth; of the students in her class have moved out to live together with their partners.李说她不敢告诉她的父母,但这在她的同学之中非常普遍,她班上“超过四分之一”的学生已经搬出去和情侣一起生活了。In university towns in Beijing, there are many small hotels or ;daily rent apartments; that serve mainly student couples. Some students told the newspaper that they had to book the hotels in advance as they usually don#39;t have any spare rooms during the weekend.在北京的大学城,有很多小旅馆或“日租房”主要务学生情侣。一些学生告诉本报记者,他们不得不提前预订旅馆,因为在周末他们通常不会有任何空客房。;We have the right to choose premarital sex just like we can get married in university,; the newspaper ed a student as saying.“我们有权利选择婚前性行为就像我们可以在大学结婚一样,”报纸引用一名学生的说法。Another report by the country#39;s population authority says over 70 percent of Chinese people have premarital sex, while the rate was only 16 percent in the 1980s, the newspaper said.国家人口机关的另一份报告说,超过70%的中国人有婚前性行为,而该比例在20世纪80年代只有16%,本报记者表示。A lack of sex education and society#39;s increasing acceptance of divorce, cohabitation and one-night stands are all influencing university students, experts told the newspaper.缺乏性教育,以及对离婚、同居、一夜情的社会接受度的上升都在影响着大学生,专家告诉本报记者。But the trend poses dangers for young people such as the increasing number of students catching venereal diseases due to unprotected sex and a drop in respect for marriage and social responsibility, the experts warned.但这一趋势给年轻人带来了危险,比如因不安全的性行为而染上性病的学生增加,以及对婚姻和社会责任的尊重降低,专家们警告说。A survey held in Guangdong in 2010 showed that only about 34 percent of university students said they used condoms during sex. In addition, nearly 17 percent of the students interviewed in the survey said they had caught venereal diseases.2010年在广东进行的一项调查显示,只有约34%的大学生表示他们在性交时使用避套。此外,在调查中近17%的受访学生表示他们已经染上了性病。 /201210/204903

The Asiana Airlines jet crash on Saturday will likely generate litigation. But where the bulk of it will take place is very much an open question.韩亚航空(Asiana Airlines)上周六的飞机坠毁事故可能会引发诉讼。但大部分官司在哪里打是个问题。The U.S. is a highly sought venue for lawsuits because damage awards for pain and suffering and emotional distress in U.S. courts are typically much larger than in other countries. The crash, which killed two Chinese teenagers and injured 182 others, occurred on U.S. soil, but that doesn#39;t guarantee entry into U.S. courts.很多人想在美国打这场官司,因为美国法院对伤痛、苦难和精神损害给予的赔偿金额一般远超其它国家。这次飞机失事造成中国两名青少年遇难,182人受伤,事故发生在美国境内,但这并不能保美国法院会受理此案。The method of compensating victims of international airline crashes is governed by a treaty known as the Montreal Convention, which came into force in 2003. Under the treaty, Asiana, of South Korea, is automatically liable for as much as about 0,000 in damages per injured passenger─damages that would likely be paid by the airline#39;s insurers, legal experts said. Passengers could seek more money from Asiana if they can show the airline was at fault for the crash.有关国际航班空难遇难者的赔偿问题适用2003年实施生效的《蒙特利尔公约》(Montreal Convention)。根据该公约,韩国的韩亚航空应自动为每位受伤乘客赔偿15万美元左右。法律专家说,赔偿费可能由韩亚航空的保险公司付。如果乘客能拿出韩亚航空对坠机事故负有责任的据,也许能要求该公司做出更多赔付。But legal experts were divided on where passengers would be allowed to file any claims. The treaty allows victims of the crash to sue Asiana in U.S. courts if they are permanent U.S. residents, purchased tickets in the U.S. or were flying into the U.S. as a final destination.但关于乘客可在何地提起诉讼的问题,法律专家看法不一。根据《蒙特利尔公约》的规定,如果遇难者是美国永久居民、在美国境内购票或飞往美国将其作为最终目的地,则可向美国法院起诉韩亚航空。Representatives of Asiana couldn#39;t immediately be reached for comment.记者无法立即联系到韩亚航空的代表置评。Most of the passengers weren#39;t U.S. residents, including 141 Chinese and 77 Koreans. There were 64 Americans aboard. A big question will likely be whether courts consider the U.S. a final destination for foreigners with round-trip tickets.失事客机上的大多数乘客(包括中国籍141人和韩国籍77人)都不是美国居民,美国籍乘客为64人。可能一个很重要的问题是,法院是否认为美国是那些购买了往返票的外籍人士的最终目的地。#39;For a Chinese person with a round-trip ticket, the final destination is China,#39; said Mike Danko, a trial lawyer based in Redwood City, Calif., who is working with foreign counsel for some of the victims. He predicted the U.S. courts would knock many of the passenger claims to foreign jurisdictions.加州雷德伍德城(Redwood City)的庭辩律师、目前正与外国顾问一起代理部分伤亡者案件的丹科(Mike Danko)说,对于购买了返程票的中国人而言,其最终目的地是中国。他预测,美国法院会将很多乘客的索赔要求驳至外国司法管辖地。But Ladd Sanger, an aviation lawyer and commercially rated pilot, said, #39;I think there#39;s a good argument that everyone on that airplane could bring a case in the U.S.#39;但航空案件律师、商业飞行员桑格(Ladd Sanger)说,我认为完全有理由提出,失事飞机上的所有人都可在美国提起诉讼。Mr. Sanger said U.S. courts have split on the meaning of #39;final destination#39; in the Warsaw Convention, the predecessor of the Montreal Convention.桑格说,美国法院对于《蒙特利尔公约》的前身《华沙公约》(Warsaw Convention)中“最终目的地”一词的含意存在分歧。U.S. courts have occasionally ignored jurisdictional requirements of the treaty, he said, sending cases to the place where the crash occurred. That happened in the aftermath of Air France Flight 447, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, killing all 216 passengers and 12 aircrew.他说,美国法院有时会忽略公约中的司法管辖权要求,直接在空难发生地提交案件。法国航空公司(Air France)447航班2009年在大西洋坠毁后,就有过这样的案例。那次事故造成216名乘客和12名机组人员全部遇难。Regardless of where claims against Asiana could be filed, passengers may still sue other parties in U.S. courts, such as the aircraft manufacturer, the aircraft-parts makers and the federal government, which controls air traffic, Mr. Danko said.丹科说,无论在哪里提起对韩亚航空的诉讼,都不影响乘客向美国法院起诉其它当事人,如飞机生产商、飞机零部件生产商和进行空中交通管理的美国联邦政府。The findings of the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the crash, aren#39;t admissible in court. So it is possible a passenger could proceed with a claim against the manufacturer or another party besides Asiana, even if the NTSB concludes the crash was the result of pilot error, legal experts said.美国国家运输安全委员会(National Transportation Safety Board)正在调查这次坠机事故,但调查结果不会被美国法院采纳。法律专家因此说,即使该委员会得出结论,认为事故由飞行员失误造成,乘客仍可将除韩亚航空外的飞机生产商或其它方告上法庭。Under federal law, lawyers are prohibited from contacting victims or victims#39; families until 45 days after air crashes. In the past, according to Mr. Danko, airlines have used that time to make settlement offers.依据美国联邦法律,律师不得在空难发生后45天内联系受害人或其家属。丹科表示,航空公司以前会用这段时间提出和解方案。 /201307/247212

A student who found what appeared to be a chicken brain in his KFC meal has vowed never to eat there again - despite being offered vouchers for free food as an apology.一位英国学生在肯德基的套餐中吃出了疑似鸡脑的内脏,他发誓再也不会去吃肯德基了。不过餐厅工作人员为他提供了免费的用餐券作为道歉。Ibrahim Langoo was left nauseated after spotting a #39;wrinkled brain#39; inside a piece of chicken while tucking into a Gladiator box meal at a branch in Colchester, Essex.这位学生叫易卜拉欣-兰古,当时他正在位于英国艾塞克斯郡科尔切斯特市的一家肯德基餐厅吃饭,他当时点的是一份角斗士套餐。当他在鸡块里发现了一块“皱巴巴的脑状内脏”,顿觉恶心作呕。The 19-year-old took a photograph of the three-inch piece of offal - later judged to be a kidney by KFC#39;s experts - on his mobile phone and complained to staff.19岁的兰古把这块长约3英寸的内脏用手机拍下来,然后去找工作人员投诉。肯德基的专家后来表示这块疑似鸡脑的内脏是肾脏。He was so repulsed by the stomach-churning discovery he vowed never to eat at the Colonel#39;s famous diner again, but apologetic bosses nevertheless offered him vouchers for free meals.在鸡块里发现这样令人反胃的东西实在太恶心了,兰古发誓再也不会去吃肯德基了。不过令人哭笑不得的是,该餐厅的负责人在表达歉意后,又为他提供了免费用餐的优惠券。Mr Langoo and friend Laura Canning, 19, had popped into the Colchester, Essex branch of the fast food restaurant - known for its #39;Finger Lickin#39; Good#39; slogan - for lunch between classes.当时是课间,兰古和同岁的朋友劳拉-甘宁来这家肯德基餐厅吃午饭。“吮指回味乐无穷”正是肯德基连锁餐厅的广告语。The pair - both musical theatre students at Colchester Institute - shared a pound;6.79 Gladiator box meal. Miss Canning ate the fillet burger, while Mr Langoo went for the two chicken pieces.他们俩都是科尔切斯特学院的音乐剧表演专业的学生,他们俩吃了一份价值6.79英镑的角斗士套餐。甘宁吃了原味鸡柳汉堡,兰古就挑了两块鸡块。#39;The first piece was absolutely fine - I was hungry and polished it off,#39; Mr Langoo said. #39;I have a habit of picking the chicken off the bone with my fingers, and as I pulled the second piece apart I saw this horrible wrinkled foreign body.兰古描述当时的情形说道:“第一块完全没问题,我非常饿就狼吞虎咽地吃完。我平时有个习惯,喜欢用手指把鸡块的骨头挑出来,当我撕开第二块鸡块,我就看到那块皱巴巴的异物,太恐怖了。”#39;I threw it down onto my tray immediately. It looked like a brain. I suddenly felt grim and really sick. I couldn#39;t bring myself to pick the lump up so I went to the serving counter to complain. It was about 1pm and pretty hectic in the restaurant and as it was so busy none of the staff helped me.#39;“我马上把鸡块丢到餐盘里,拿东西看起来像是大脑,我突然觉得非常难受想吐。我根本没法鼓起勇气把那块东西捡起来,所以我直接走到务柜台去投诉。当时大概是下午一点,正是餐厅人潮涌动的时候,工作人员都太忙了没人来帮我。”Repulsed, Mr Langoo left the takeaway and later submitted a complaint online, along with a photo of the organ taken on his mobile phone. #39;I was grossed out by the fact that I could so easily have eaten it without realising.#39; Mr Langoo said.兰古没把外卖带走,后来他在线提交了一份投诉,附带上用手机拍摄的异物照片。“想到我可能会没意识到就吃了几口,我觉得特别恶心想吐。”Experts at KFC have examined the photograph and believe the unsightly organ was a chicken kidney. A spokesman for the firm said: #39;We always try to ensure the highest standards in all of our restaurants.肯德基的专家在查看过照片后认为这块看起来比较恶心的内脏是鸡肾。该公司的一位发言人表示:“我们一直都在保我们旗下餐厅食物符合最高标准。”#39;Although we haven#39;t received the product, it appears from a photograph that unfortunately on this occasion a kidney, and not a brain as claimed, was not removed in the preparation process.“虽然我们没有看到实物,但从图片中看来应该是块肾脏,并不是所谓的大脑。这块鸡肾可能是工作人员在食物的准备过程中没有去除。”#39;We#39;re very sorry about Mr Langoo#39;s experience and while there was no health risk, we agree it was unsightly. We will be carrying out a full investigation and providing him with a gesture of goodwill.#39;“对于兰古先生的遭遇我们表示非常遗憾。虽然这块异物并不会带来健康风险,但我们也承认的确不雅观。我们会展开全面调查,也为向兰古先生表达我们的善意。”KFC refused to disclose the amount of vouchers that could be available.肯德基方面拒绝透露向兰古提供的补偿优惠券的数量。 /201301/219431

  Hymowit''s book, "Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys," is excerpted in the Wall Street Journal, and discusses the "novel sort of limbo, a hybrid state of semi-hormonal adolescence and responsible self-reliance" that characterizes many young men in today's society.  凯伊 S 西墨威茨在她的书里《男人雄起:女性的崛起如何让男人变成男孩》,便提到了众所周知的“彼得 潘综合征”。《华尔街日报》摘录了本书某些章节,并讨论了"这种新型的混沌状态,荷尔蒙水平处于青春期,又有一定的自力更生能力",而这正是当今社会许多年轻男性的确切写照。  Though she attributes a number of elements to the notable emergence of this boy-to-man subculture, chief among them are financial stability and changing sexual hierarchies.  虽然凯伊认为这种“老男孩”现象的出现有诸多因素,然而最主要的还是经济的稳定性和变化了的性别结构。  "Like adolescents in the 20th century, today's pre-adults have been wait-listed for adulthood," Hymowitz offers. "Marketers and culture creators help to promote pre-adulthood as a lifestyle. And like adolescence, pre-adulthood is a class-based social phenomenon, reserved for the relatively well-to-do."  西墨威茨说:“像许多20世纪的青少年一样,如今的处在成年前期的年轻人尚未达到成人的成熟状态。而市场营销者们和文化领跑者们又大肆宣扬成年前期这样的生活状态。和青少年一样,成年前期成为一个阶层性的社会现象,仅出现在生活相对宽裕的群体里。”  "Those who don't get a four-year college degree are not in a position to compete for the more satisfying jobs of the knowledge economy."  “那些没有大学文凭的人在知识经济的时代很难找到十分满意的工作。”  "Women have risen to positions of power in the meantime, with 34 percent of American women between the ages of 25 to 34 holding college bachelor's degrees, versus just 27 percent of men, and this imbalance further cultivates these so-called 'man-children,'" she argues.  她说:“同时,女性的地位也不断攀升,在美国,25至34岁这个年龄段里,34%的女性持有学士学位,而男性仅27%,这种差距催生了所谓的‘老男孩’'现象。” /201102/126397



  In this so-called jobless recovery, you might be wondering who in the world is hiring. Job markets in some countries are a little hotter than in the ed States right now, and the New York Times recently reported how professionals shut out of jobs in the U.S. found their career calling in China and elsewhere. 在如今这个称之为无就业经济复苏的时期,你可能想知道世界上有谁找到了工作。如今有些国家的就业市场比美国要好一些,纽约时报最近也有报导,有些美国的失业人士在中国或其他国家找到了自己的事业。Such reports may make it seem like it's easier for everyone to land a job overseas. Not so. 这些报告可能会让你觉得每个人去海外找工作都要容易一些,其实并非如此。"If you are a true hotshotin your field, you may be wooed by another country, but everyone else has to do their homework first," says Jean-Marc Hachey, author of "The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas." "The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas."一书的作者Jean-Marc Hachey说:“如果你在自己的行业真的是大人物的话,那就很有可能被其他国家看中,但是其他人都会首先考虑自己国内的人选。”There are other considerations. In a September Yahoo! HotJobs poll, 45% of respondents said they were willing to work abroad, and an additional 28% would be willing to move abroad for the right job. But there's a difference between "willing to" and "well prepared to." 你是有其他选择的。9月份雅虎的一份民意测试调查显示,参加调查45%的人表示愿意去海外工作,而余下的28%的人士则愿意为了一份工作移居海外。但是在“愿意去”和“准备好去”之间是有区别的。Before you look for an overseas job, you should determine whether you would even want to work in another culture, and if so, how "foreign" are you willing to go? Do you enjoy change? Do you mind learning new and sometimes odd protocolfor everything from conducting a meeting to buying tomatoes? 在你开始找一份海外工作之前,你应该先要确定,你是否真的愿意在另外一种文化下工作,如果真的愿意的话,你愿意被海外文化同化多少?你是否喜欢改变?你是否愿意学习一切新新事物,是否能够接受一切古怪的事情,比如说从主导一次会议到买西红柿等所有事情?If you are sure overseas work is for you, Hachey and other career experts recommendseveral steps. 如果你确定海外工作很适合你的话,Hachey和其他职业专家为你推荐了以下方法:1. Look for an American-based company. 找一家美国公司The vast majority of professionals working overseas landed their job stateside, and it's much easier to land a job overseas before hopping on the plane. If you want to work abroad, look for international employers in your line of work. While some companies with a worldwide presence offer no mobility between countries, others encourage their employees to go all over the world. If you're the right fit, the company will handle your Visa and work permit, and will do their best to convincethe local authorities that only you -- over anyone in their country -- could do the job in question. 绝大多数在海外工作的人士都是在美国找到了工作,并且在你手忙脚乱之前很容易就找到一份工作了。如果你想去国外工作的话,那就寻找你所在行业的国际雇主。虽然有些跨国公司不会为你提供出国的机会,但是有的却会鼓励员工满世界跑。如果你是合适的人选,公司会帮你办理好个人签和工作签,并且会尽他们最大的努力说当地的权威机构,在他们全国上下只有你能够按要求做好这份工作。 /201001/95570Smarter than the average bear: The first case of ursine tool use.一只特别聪明的熊:第一只会用工具的熊。PRIMATES apart, few mammals employ tools. Sea otters use rocks to smash clams open, dolphins wrap sponges around their noses to protect themselves while they forage on the seabed, elephants swat insects with branches and humpback whales exhale curtains of bubbles totrap schools of fish. Until now, these four examples had been thought the extent of the non-primate mammalian tool-users club. But a study just published in Animal Cognition, by Volker Deecke of the University of St Andrews, in Britain, has added a fifth and rather surprising one. That epitome of rugged wildness, the grizzly bear, seems to be the only species other than humans to have invented the comb.除了灵长类动物,会使用工具的哺乳类动物屈指可数。海獭会在石头上砸开蛤蜊;海豚在海床上觅食时,会将海绵绑在鼻子上以保护自身;大象会用树枝拍打昆虫;驼背鲸会呼出阵阵气泡来困住鱼群。至今,人们仍认为非灵长类动物中只有这四种会使用工具。但英国圣安德鲁大学的Volker Deecke在《动物认知》上刚发表的研究指出了第五种会用工具的动物,而且是令人相当意外的一种。粗犷野性的象征——灰熊,看来是除了人类以外唯一一种发明了梳子的动物。Dr Deecke made this discovery while studying grizzly-bear behaviour from a small boat in GlacierBay National Park, Alaska, on July 22nd 2010. After a period of play-fighting with another bear and a short bout of feeding on a beached whale carcass, a bear of between three and five years of age, sex unknown, waded into the shallows of the bay. Once there, it picked up a fist-sized rock and carefully rotated it for about a minute before dropping it back into the water. Moments later, it picked up another, of similar size, and again rotated it. This time, rather than discarding the stone, it held it against its muzzle and started to rub. Using its left paw to press the rock against its skin and its right paw to support the rock#39;s weight, the bear rubbed away at its muzzle and face for roughly a minute before dropping the stone back into the water. Then it grabbed a third stone of the same size, rotated it and rubbed its face, muzzle and neck for a further two minutesbefore discarding it. This done, it spent two minutes grooming its right paw with its teeth before returning to the whale carcass.这一点是Deecke士于2010年7月22日在阿拉斯加冰河湾国家公园一艘小船上研究灰熊习性时发现的。一只灰熊(年龄3-5岁,性别未知)在与另一只熊打闹了一阵并吃了一点被冲到沙滩上的鲸鱼尸体后,涉水来到了海湾的浅滩中。在那,它捡起了一块拳头大的石头,小心翼翼地旋转了约一分钟后,将其扔回水中。片刻之后,它又捡起了另一块差不多大小的石头旋转起来。但这次它没扔掉石头,反而把石头放到口鼻处开始来回磨蹭。那只熊用左掌将石头按在皮肤上,用右掌托着石头,将石头在口鼻和脸上蹭了大约一分钟后才将石头扔回水里。然后,它捡起第三块同样大小的石头并在旋转后用来磨蹭脸、口鼻和脖子将近两分钟后将其扔掉。做完这些后,它又花了两分钟用牙齿来梳理右掌的毛,之后便回到鲸鱼尸体处。Dr Deecke found, upon close examination of his photographs, that all three rocks were encrusted with barnacles and he reckons these were acting as the functional equivalent of the teeth of a comb. He thinks the bear was probably using its makeshift combs for comfort, rather thanvanity. But crucially for the concept of tool-use, the animal#39;s rejection of the first rock it picked up shows a discriminating understanding of what was required to get the right amount of scratching from a comb; which rock, in other words, was the tool for the job.Deecke士在仔细研究所拍照片后发现,那三块石头上都粘有藤壶,而他认为这些藤壶的功能梳齿一样。Deecke士认为,那只熊自制梳子可能是想让自己舒,而不是为了美观。但是,那只熊没有用它捡到的第一块石头,这说明它有能力判断子什么样的梳子才好用;换言之,就是哪块石头可以拿来当梳子。这一点对判断动物是否会使用工具至关重要。An important question from a biological point of view is whether this animal#39;s behaviour is unique. Other tool-using mammals are social species. That means one individual#39;s chance invention is easily copied by others of its group, resulting in a primitive culture. Grizzly bears have not been considered particularly sociable in the past, but if others in Glacier Bay are seen combing themselves in this way that view might have to change. It might, though, be that Dr Deecke#39;s preening animal is unique. That would suggest it came up with the idea of using rocks as combs by itself, rather than copying someone else-truly smarter than the average bear.在此,有一个很重要的生物学问题:是不是只有这一只熊会使用工具?其他会使用工具的哺乳类动物都是群居动物,也就是说个体偶然的发明很容易被群体里的其他成员模仿,从而形成原始的文化。过去,人们并不认为灰熊具有明显的群居特征,但如果冰河湾有其他灰熊被发现使用这种方法梳理毛发,那上述观点就可能会被推翻。不过,也有可能只是Deecke士看到的那只梳理毛发的熊比较特别罢了。那就意味着这只熊拿石头当梳子是自己的原创,并非模仿——果然是只特别聪明的熊。 /201209/201297Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is facing embarrassment over an internet film featuring explicit comments she made about sex and love as a young model.法国第一夫人卡拉·布吕尼-萨科奇早年当模特时的一段大胆谈性和爱情的露骨视频日前惊现网络,令其身陷尴尬。The 27-minute film, which has been posted on the -sharing website YouTube, contains excerpts from interviews of the young Miss Bruni that juxtapose her risqué past with her demure present as the wife of the French president.这段被传至YouTube视频分享网站的视频时长27分钟,主要内容是布吕尼早年接受采访的片断,当年的布吕尼轻佻放荡,与如今身为第一夫人端庄贤淑的风格有着天壤之别。In one section, the Italian-born Miss Bruni produces from her handbag a book called Hot International Love and Sex Guides, which translates key phrases on all things erotic into seven languages.在其中一个部分,出生于意大利的布吕尼从手提包里掏出一本名为《国际热辣性爱指南》的小册子,这本书将所有常用的性爱用语翻译成了七种语言。“We need these kinds of books because we’re travelling all around the world, we’re meeting new people and we want to know what to tell them in case we get into bed with them,” she tells interviewers on the Channel 4 show Eurotrash.布吕尼在接受英国第四频道《欧洲杂谈》节目采访时说:“我们需要这类的书,因为我们到世界各地旅游,会结识新的朋友,万一要和他们上床,我们得知道应该和他们说些什么。”The then Miss Bruni, who was 28 when the show was broadcast in 1996, proceeds to offer four translations of “You get me very hot”, ending in the Italian “Mi eccite tanto”.随后,布吕尼用四种语言说了“你让我欲火焚身”这句话,最后一句是用意大利语说的。这一电视访谈节目录制于1996年,当时布吕尼年仅28岁。She then moves on to more explicit phrases sparking an “oh no!” from one of the interviewers.接着布吕尼又说了些更为露骨的用语,连其中的一位主持人都惊呼“天啊,不要!”。Thomas Cazals, the producer who compiled the portrait called In the Tube with Carla Bruni, said he did it “starting with the naive idea of better getting to know this character”. The Elysée apparently took swift action against the film as by Sunday evening it had been removed from Mr Cazals’ blog.这段名为《相约卡拉·布吕尼》的人物访谈节目的制作人托马斯#8226;卡扎尔斯表示,他做这个访谈的初衷很简单,“只是想更好地去了解这个人。”这段视频曝光后,爱丽舍宫立即采取了行动,因为上周日晚间,这段视频已从卡扎尔斯的客中删除。Although the film also carries tributes from couturiers who admire Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy’s intelligence, beauty and wit, it will be unwelcome. She has been trying to play down her colorful past since marrying Nicolas Sarkozy two years ago.尽管这段视频可能会受到仰慕布吕尼智慧、美貌和灵气的时装设计师们的追捧,但仍是不受欢迎的。在嫁给法国总统尼古拉#8226;萨科奇两年来,布吕尼一直努力和她“丰富多”的过去说再见。While continuing her singing career, she has been forging an image as a first lady dedicated to her husband and charity.尽管她仍在继续自己的歌手梦想,但一直在努力塑造一个忠诚于丈夫、热衷于慈善事业的第一夫人形象 /201005/104820




  Lazy, promiscuous, confused, selfish, brain damaged and overall hopeless are all labels that have been given to China's so-called post-90s generation, or those who were born after 1990 who are now mostly in their teens today.懒惰、私生活混乱、迷茫、自私、脑残以及无药可救,这些都是人们为中国所谓的90后贴上的标签。他们生于1990年以后,目前大多数人正处在十几岁的年纪。 Whatever the post-90s are, one thing for certain is they are different from those born before them: they have no memory of China's tumultuous past, instead only experiencing it as a country with rapid economic growth underscored by rampant consumerism and globalization.不管人们如何定义90后,可以肯定的是他们与前几代人不同:他们对于中国纷繁动乱的过去一无所知,相反却经历着旺盛的消费力以及迅速的全球化为这个国家所带来经济腾飞。"They have only known a life in China that is rising and affluent," Frank Yu, a Beijing-based internet analyst, said.来自北京的网络分析人士弗兰克#8226;于说道:“他们只知道自己的生活富足无忧,蒸蒸日上。 "They are considered a wild card generation. They are very aggressive and outward looking and are pretty confident because they never felt hardship."“他们被认为是百变的一代。由于没有经历过苦难,他们积极上进、眼界开放且自信十足。” /201007/109859

  30岁以下人群最高发 Young people under 30 are most easily infected.随着天气逐渐转冷,甲型H1N1流感疫情呈快速上升趋势,重症和死亡病例增多的风险持续加大,专家表示目前国内甲流病毒仍表现相对温和,但不排除产生毒力更强的病毒毒株及耐药株的可能。  甲流实际感染人数比报告数大的多 病毒致病力未改变  十一前后,内地甲型H1N1流感病例数急剧增加,国内防控政策也进行了重大调整,从最初的全面防控转向重点防控,加强对重症病人的监测和治疗。 同时,甲型H1N1流感诊疗方案也进行了再次修订,不再对全部的流感样病人进行实验室诊断。据北京地坛医院感染科主任李兴旺介绍,目前的聚集性流感疫情,只选取部分患者进行甲流实验室诊断,如果这部分患者确诊,则判定该次疫情为甲型H1N1流感疫情。经实验室诊断的病人称为确诊病例,其他病人称为临床诊断病例。因此,目前报告的确诊病例数并非全部的甲流感染人数,实际上要比这多很多。  虽然疫情呈扩散趋势,但是病毒的致病力并没有发生重大改变。李兴旺认为,“近期,国内甲流重症和死亡病例在绝对数上有所增加,但在百分比上并未增加,在病毒未现重大变异的情况下,不会出现更大比例的死亡。”  季节性流感与甲流病毒尚未结合 治疗难度没有增加  当前正值季节性流感高峰期,甲流与季节性流感共同流行,造成各大医院出现爆满的情况。复兴医院院长、卫生部甲型H1N1流感临床专家组副组长席修明介绍说,甲流病毒尚未与季节性流感病毒结合,此前有报道称季节性流感患者体内检测出甲型流感病毒,对此还需要做进一步的亚型分析,目前尚不确定是否为甲型H1N1流感病毒,因为并不是每一个甲型流感病毒都能够做出亚型分析,美国的报告认为大约有20%-30%的病毒是无法区分出来的。李兴旺教授认为一名患者同时感染甲型流感和季节性流感的可能性很小。  中国重症和死亡病例相对较少 或与体制和人种等原因有关  中国重症死亡病例相对于很多国家来说都比较少,对此有专家猜测跟中国的医疗体制有一定关系。目前很多国家已经不再设立专门的传染病医院,由普通医院对传染病患者进行治疗,有观点认为这种情况可能造成了一些诊断上的疏漏。中国的应对策略一直是将甲流病人集中收治到传染病医院,由专家进行确诊。    30岁以下人群成感染重点 老人可能不是高危人群  此前,老人、儿童、妇和患有基础疾病的患者被认为是甲流及重症甲流的高危人群,但澳大利亚最新的分析报告认为,老人并非此次疫情的高危人群,现在最关键的是儿童,尤其是1岁以下的新生儿。国内也出现了儿童感染者的大量增加,同时,对重症病例的分析认为,甲流重症病人的平均年龄在三十七八岁左右,与国际上差异不大。  轻症患者勿挤向大医院 避免交叉感染和等待过久  对于甲流抗体的观点目前仅为推测,因此每个年龄段的人群都不能掉以轻心,尤其是儿童。最近各地的医院尤其是儿童医院出现了严重的患者挤爆医院的情况,对此李兴旺教授提醒公众,不要迷信大医院。 /200911/88830

  Despite the time difference between China and Europe, Chinese online businesses were abuzz about Italy#39;s tight defense against Spain in the early hours of Monday morning in the Euro 2012 championship as die-hard football fans stayed up late for the match.周一凌晨,2012年欧洲杯拉开帷幕。尽管中国与欧洲存在时差,但因为许多铁杆球迷都在熬夜观战。在首场比赛中,意大利队对西班牙队采取了密集防守的战术,而许多网络商家这时也在热议这场“恶战”。;The results might determine which national flag we should keep more of in stock,; said Xie Hui, an online vendor on Taobao.com, a popular customer-to-customer site in China.淘宝卖家谢辉(音译)说:“比赛结果很可能就决定着我们应该增加哪个国家国旗的库存。”As fans all over the world celebrate the championship in a great global party, e-commerce retailers are embracing the football spirit, doing a roaring trade in colorful national flags, kits and trophies.全世界球迷都沉浸庆祝欧洲杯的狂欢派对中。电子商务零售商们也充分利用这种“足球精神”,出售各色国旗、球衣以及奖杯,生意做得如火如荼。Xie`s online store is an array of tournament merchandise, ranging from classy to kitschy, and from cheap to cheekily expensive.谢辉的网店经营着大量的比赛商品,从高档品到低劣品,有的很廉价,有的则贵得令人咋舌。The mantra, according to Xie, is: if you cannot get to a Euro 2012 game in person, you can now get a flavor of the world`s top competition via my website.谢辉表示,我们做生意的口号就是:“如果你不能亲临2012欧洲杯比赛现场,在我们的店里,你可以马上感受到这项全球顶级赛事的氛围。;Anything with a number 7 on it is selling like hot cakes,; he said referring to the shirt worn by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.他提到一件葡萄牙球星克里斯蒂亚诺#8226;罗纳尔多所穿的球衣表示:“凡是带有数字7的商品都会大卖特卖。”;Every time we replenish the stock, the next morning we`re sold out by 11 am,; he said.“每次只要我们一进货,第二天上午11点前就会销售一空。”The term ;European Cup; was firmly on Taobao#39;s list of ;hot topics; by Monday, with the search term showing up more than 54,000 times.到本周一为止,“欧洲杯”一直是淘宝上的热门搜索词之一,该词的搜索量达到5.4万次之多。Sales of football kits across the Web have rocketed, as avid fans tend to wear the same jerseys as their favorite teams.铁杆球迷们都想身穿自己喜爱球队的球衣,因此网上的足球队销售额也激增。Kits for the Spanish team have been the biggest seller, with more than 5,000 being sold in the past month, according to Taobao. Sales of German, Italian, French and Portuguese kits all topped 3,000.淘宝上,西班牙队的球衣成为最畅销的产品,过去一个月卖出5000多件。而德国、意大利、法国以及葡萄牙各队球衣的销售数量也都达到3000件之多。It would seem that the beer culture which developed during the 2010 World Cup is set to get even bigger, said football fan Zou Tianliang.球迷邹天亮(音译)表示,似乎人们要把2010年世界杯期间形成的啤酒文化继续发扬光大。Zou is enamored with the beverage and plans to shop online. His enthusiasm stems from an affection for the drink and a desire to get discounted goods online, he said.邹天亮是无酒不欢的人,所以他打算去网购。他表示自己之所以这样热衷网购,除了因为自己喜欢喝酒这点之外,同时也希望在网上买到打折商品。Pinlive, a beer and snacks retailer on Tmall.com, China#39;s biggest business-to-consumer website, saw its beer sales surge as the event drew near.Pinlive是一家在天猫(原淘宝商城)上出售啤酒和零食的网店。赛事临近时,该店的啤酒销量激增。It started a promotion for the tournament two weeks ago by selling beer at discounts of 20 to 30 percent, said Robin Yue, who is responsible for operating Pinlive#39;s online store.据Pinlive网店的负责人罗宾#8226;岳表示,两周前,Pinlive开展了欧洲杯大促销活动,所有出售的啤酒都打出了7-8折的优惠价。He said that Pinlive#39;s beer sales over the past two weeks were up to five times the normal level.他表示,Pinlive过去两周的啤酒销量是平时的五倍。;Beer is an indispensable part of the soccer culture. I might go to the pub for the final,; Zou said.邹天亮说:“啤酒是足球文化不可缺少的一部分。我可能会去酒吧看总决赛。”Foosball, also known as table football, until recently a rarity in China, has grown in popularity among online buyers, including the many bars across the country.而不久前还是稀有商品的桌上足球,现在已经越来越受到广大“网购一族”的青睐,其中也包括很多国内酒吧。Over 20,000 foosball sets were sold on Taobao in May. An online merchant from Guangdong province sold more than 300 sets, priced between 105 and 118 yuan.五月份淘宝共售出2万套桌上足球。一家来自广东的网络商户共售出300多套桌上足球,价格从105元到118元不等。Foosball has become a game-changer for many bars.桌上足球也为许多酒吧扭转了经营局面。;Customer flow has jumped by five times, and most were immediately attracted to the gadgets,; said Zhang Na, sales manager of OMalley#39;s Irish Pub in Shanghai.上海欧玛莉爱尔兰餐厅销售经理张娜(音译)表示:“餐厅客流量增加了五倍,他们大部分人都很快迷上了桌上足球。” /201206/186727

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