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蚌埠医院第一附属医院脱毛手术多少钱蚌埠东方美莱坞整形美容医院去黄褐斑怎么样The recent suggestion that breastfeeding should be allowed in the chambers of Parliament has been denounced by MP Simon Burns, who thinks it will open the Commons to ridicule. I wonder what the headmistress who recently enraged the likes of me by asserting that her girls could hope for a serious career or children, but not both, would think of that.近期一个允许国会议庭内母乳喂奶的提议被下院议员Simon Burns谴责,他认为这会使平民百姓耻笑。我很好奇那位女校长会怎样想,她最近因声称女孩只能在正经的工作和孩子之间选择一个而激起众怒。The possibility of combining children with outside work has, of course, always been accepted when it came to menial work – the women down the mines used to complain that the belts hurt them “when they were in the family way” – but not for well-educated middle-class lasses. But even in the days when such women “didn’t work” they actually did a vast amount. For example, as I’ve said before, the young women sent out to marry Englishmen ruling India had to control all the staff and cater for the whole outfit – the kind of stuff which would have counted as a serious job if a man had been doing it.当然了,涉及到粗活累活,大家都能接受将孩子和工作结合起来——矿井下的女性曾抱怨怀的时候传送带勒得他们疼——但对受过高等教育的中产阶级女性却不是这样。但即使是在这些女性“没有工作”的时候,他们也实际上做了大量的工作。比如,像我之前说的,那些嫁给统领印度的英国人的年轻女性要管理全体人员并提供全部装备——这些活如果让男人来做就会被视为正经的工作。My mother had no salaried job, but when my father was a housemaster at a public school she was responsible for the catering and staff, and my father had only become the housemaster because the wife of the one before him had fallen ill, so the man couldn’t continue.我的母亲做着没有工资的工作,但是当我父亲曾任公立学校舍监的时候,她负责饮食和参谋,并且我父亲成为舍监也是因为他之前的那任舍监由于妻子生病而无法继续。There was a time, too, when a doctor’s wife was an essential part of his practice; she’d know a good deal about the patients and maybe how they got their illnesses. It is only now that so many of us get the credit for our work – whether we’ve got children or not.曾经还有一段时间,医生的妻子是他业务中重要的部分,她会了解很多病人的情况,或许知道他们是如何生病的。只有现在我们很多人才能因为自己的工作而且受到奖赏,不论我们有没有孩子。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/415067China#39;s Ministry of Transport is reportedly mulling over proposals to regulate increasingly popular online cab hailing services, according to Economic Information Daily on last Wednesday.据经济参考报上周三报道,中国交通部正在考虑针对日益红火的网络预约车务管理办法的意见稿内容。They#39;ve been prompted by safety concerns which have stemmed from incidents involving existing hailing apps such as Didi and Uber.网络预约车务已经引起了对于安全问题的关注。这些问题源于现存的约车app如滴滴打车和优步引起的一系列事故。The new regulations could come as early as the beginning of May, industry insiders said. The new regulations would require cars to be registered on accredited platforms, and only vehicles with transportation permits will be able to sign up.业内人士称,新规最早将于5月初出台。新规将要求车辆在官方认可的平台上进行注册,且只有具有运营许可的车辆才能登记注册。Private car owners who want to get a permit would need to re-register their vehicles.想要获得许可的私家车主需对车辆重新注册。Once they#39;ve done that, their vehicles have to be scrapped after 8 years. Cars for private use face no such deadline.一旦变为营运车辆,其车辆的报废年限就变成了8年。目前,私家车使用不受这类年限限制。 /201604/439613蚌埠腋毛怎么去掉

蚌埠东方美莱坞美容医院割双眼皮多少钱淮上区韩式安全隆胸手术价格Starting Tuesday, residents from 16 provincial-level regions will be able to have their ID cards issued in Beijing, according to Beijing public security department.北京市公安局近日通报,从本周二起,来自16个省级地区的居民将可在京办理身份。The regions include the provinces of Henan, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Shanxi, Sichuan, Liaoning, Jilin, Gansu, Hunan, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Yunan, Qinghai, as well as Chongqing Municipality and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.这些地区包括河南省、山东省、黑龙江省、安徽省、山西省、四川省、辽宁省、吉林省、甘肃省、湖南省、浙江省、贵州省、云南省、青海省、重庆市和宁夏回族自治区。Residents from those places can apply for new ID cards in Beijing#39;s police stations if their ID cards expire, or are lost or damaged.上述地区居民的身份有效期满、丢失或损坏后,可以在北京市公安机关申领新身份。Applicants need to provide a valid temporary residence permit or work and residence certificate when applying. The new ID cards will be delivered within 60 days of the application submission date.申请人申请时需提供有效期内的暂住或工作居住。新身份将在申请提交之日起60日内发放。Previously, residents from 10 provincial-level regions, including Tianjin and Hebei, could apply for new ID cards in Beijing.目前,天津、河北等10个省级地区的居民可在京申领新身份。For convenience, China has been issuing ID cards for nonlocal residents around the country since July 1.为了方便民众,7月1日起,全国已启动居民身份异地发放工作。Previously, residents could only have their ID cards issued in their registered permanent local.在此之前,居民的身份只能由其常住户口所在地发放。 /201609/468199蚌埠冰点脱毛医院Many influentialinterests and opinion-formers de-test today’s ultra-low interest rates. 许多具有影响力的利益集团和舆论影响者不喜欢当今的超低利率。They are alsoclear who is to blame: central banks. 他们还明确指出罪魁祸首是央行。Theresa May, UKprime minister, has joined the fray, arguing that while monetary policy#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;provided the necessary emergency medicine after the financial crash, we have toacknowledge there have been some bad side effects. 英国首相特里萨.梅(Theresa May)加入了指责的阵营,她表示,尽管货币政策在金融危机过后……提供了必要的紧急救助,但我们不得不承认,它带来了一些副作用。People with assetshave got richer. 拥有资产的人变得更富了。People withoutthem have suffered. 没有资产的人日子更加难过。People withmortgages have found their debts cheaper. 有抵押贷款的人发现他们的债务更便宜了。People withsavings have found themselves poorer. 有储蓄的人发现他们更穷了。A change has gotto come.必须做出改变。So how might the governmentdeliver such change? The answer is not obvious. 那么政府应该如何推动这种改变?并不明显。As BenBroadbent, deputy governor of the Bank of England, notes, real long-terminterest rates have fallen to zero (or below) over the past quarter of acentury. 正如英国央行(BoE)副行长本.布罗德本特(Ben Broadbent)所说的,在过去25年里,长期实际利率已降至零值(或负值)水平。Furthermore, asthe International Monetary Fund points out, core consumer price inflation hasbeen persistently weak in high-income economies. 此外,国际货币基金组织(IMF)指出,高收入经济体中的核心消费者价格通胀率持续疲弱。Mr Broadbentargues: With inflation relatively stable in all these countries, it’s hard tobelieve central banks were doing much else than#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; following a similardecline in the neutral rate of interest.布罗德本特辩称:由于所有这些国家通胀率相对稳定,很难相信各国央行除了跟随中性利率下降以外……还能有其他作为。At first glance,then, central banks are just following real economic forces while takingaccount, as they should, of recent demand weakness caused by the financialcrisis and the excessive build-up of private debt that preceded it. 因此乍看之下,各国央行只是在顺应实际的经济力量,同时考虑了(这也是他们应该做的)金融危机带来的近年需求疲弱以及之前的私人债务过度累积。An indication ofthis demand weakness is the persistence of financial surpluses (excesses ofincome over spending) in the private sectors of high-income economies — notablyin Japan, Germany and the eurozone — despite ultra-low interest rates. 表明这种需求疲弱的一个迹象是,尽管利率超低,但高收入国家(尤其是在日本、德国乃至整个欧元区)私人部门持续保持财务盈余(收入超过出)。This is why theBank of Japan and the European Central Bank have remained particularlyaggressive.这就是日本央行(BoJ)和欧洲央行(ECB)依然保持特别激进的原因。Given thisbackground — the sustained declines in real interest rates, chronically lowinflation and feeble private demand — does a credible alternative set ofpolicies exist?在这种背景下——实际利率持续下降、通胀长期低企以及私人需求疲弱——存在可信的替代政策组合吗?One kind ofobjection to present policies is mainly a howl of pain: low interest ratesundermine the business models of banks and insurance companies, lower theincomes of savers, devastate the solvency of pension schemes, raise assetprices and worsen inequality. 有种针对当前政策的反对意见主要是在抱怨:低利率破坏了和保险公司的商业模式,降低了储蓄者的收入,摧毁了养老金计划的偿付能力,推升了资产价格,加剧了不平等现象。As Mark Carney,governor of the Bank of England, noted recently, monetary policy hasdistributional consequences but it is for broader government to offset them ifthey so choose. 正如英国央行行长马克.卡尼(Mark Carney)最近指出的那样,货币政策具有分配后果,但抵消这些后果是广义政府的责任——如果其这么选择。Whether thegovernment should use fiscal resources to compensate people who hold largeamounts in saving accounts is doubtful. 值得怀疑的是,英国是否应该动用财政资源补偿持有大量储蓄的人。These are hardlythe poorest. 这些人很难说是最穷的人。Moreover, to theextent that low rates promote recovery, almost everybody benefits.此外,就低利率推动了经济复苏而言,几乎所有人都在受益。The distributionalconsequences of post-crisis monetary policies are also complex. 后危机时代货币政策的分配后果也是复杂的。In the UK thedistribution of income seems to have become less un-equal, but the distributionof wealth more so, since the crisis. 在英国,自金融危机以来,收入分配不平等程度似乎有所下降,但财富分配不平等程度有所上升。Lower interestrates need not worsen pension deficits; that depends on what happens to thevalue of assets held by pension funds. 利率下降不一定加剧养老金赤字;它取决于养老基金持有的资产价值表现如何。Normally, lowerinterest rates should raise the latter. 通常来说,利率下降应该提高资产价值。What would lowerboth real interest rates and asset prices is greater pessimism about economicprospects. 让实际利率和资产价格全都下降的是对经济前景更加悲观的看法。Central banks donot cause such pessimism but try to offset it. 各国央行并未导致此类悲观看法,它们只是在努力抵消这种情绪。Finally, theimpact of low rates, even negative nominal rates, on the business models offinancial intermediaries can be dealt with only by changing those models oreliminating the need for such low rates altogether.最后,要应对低利率(甚至名义负利率)对金融中介机构商业模式的影响,只有改变那些模式,或者从根本上消除对此类低利率的需要。A more cogent setof objections is that the policy framework or view of how monetary policy worksis misguided.一种更能自圆其说的反对意见是,关于货币政策运作方式的政策框架或者观念受到了误导。The heart of theframework is inflation targeting, which can indeed cause problems — notably ifthe impact of monetary policy on finance is ignored, as happened before thecrisis. 政策框架的核心是以通胀为目标,这的确可能导致问题,尤其是如果像金融危机前那样,忽视货币政策对金融的影响的话。But it isimpossible to believe that deflation would make managing a world economycharacterised by chronically weak demand any easier. 但如果有人说,通缩将会让长期需求低迷的世界经济变得更容易管理,那是完全不可信的。On the contrary,deflation could make highly negative nominal rates necessary. 相反,通缩可能促使各国央行有必要将利率降至极大的负值区间。That would bepractically and politically difficult. 无论是从实际操作还是从政治上来说,这都是非常困难的。Not only maintainingthe inflation target, but achieving it, is essential.保持和实现通胀目标都是不可或缺的。Some even arguethat low rates weaken demand by lowering spending, stalling productivity growthand stimulating private borrowing. 一些人甚至辩称,低利率通过降低出、阻碍生产率增长并刺激私人借贷,从而削弱了需求。Yet there is noclear reason why low rates should lower aggregate spending since they merelyshift incomes from creditors to debtors. 然而,没有明显理由表明低利率会降低总体出,因为它们只是将收入从债权人转移到债务人那里。Low rates alsomake borrowing cheaper. 低利率也让借款更加便宜。That shouldstimulate investment and so increase productivity growth.这应该刺激投资,从而加快生产率增长。Low rates areindeed intended to make debt more bearable and encourage borrowing andspending. 低利率的确意在让人们更容易忍受债务,并鼓励借款和出。If governmentsdislike this mechanism, they need to replace private with public borrowing,ideally in support of investment in infrastructure. 如果政府不喜欢这种机制,它们需要用公共借款取代私人借款,最好是持基础设施投资。In addition, theyneed structural reforms, notably in taxation, to encourage private investmentand discourage saving. 此外,它们需要结构性改革(尤其是在税收领域)以鼓励私人投资并抑制储蓄。Among bighigh-income countries, Germany and Japan most need such structural reforms.在大型高收入国家当中,德国和日本最需要此类结构性改革。What Mrs May hasdone so far is cause confusion. 梅迄今所做的只是引起困惑。It is a mistakefor a head of government to criticise a central bank in its efforts to achievethe target the government itself has set. 一个政府首脑抨击央行努力实现政府自己制定的目标是错误的。Moreover, there isno good reason to believe the BoE is going about its mandate in the wrong way. 此外,没有好的理由认为,英国央行在以错误的方式履行其职责。If, however, thegovernment wants to change that mandate, then this requires careful thought. 然而,如果英国政府想要改变这种职责,那是需要认真考虑的。All changes createbig risks. 所有的改变都会带来巨大的风险。Throw-away linesare simply the wrong way to start this, particularly given Brexit. 脱口而出的风凉话是启动这一进程的错误方式,尤其是考虑到英国退欧的大背景。Finally, if thegovernment wants to shield the losers from monetary policy, it must weigh otherclaims on its scarce resources.最后,如果英国政府想要保护输家免受货币政策的影响,那就必须权衡其他方面对稀缺资源的要求。If, however, itwants to lighten the load on monetary policy, let us cry Hallelujah. 然而,如果英国政府希望减轻货币政策的负担,那就让我们欢呼吧。It is past timethat governments examined the combination of fiscal policy, debt restructuringand structural reforms that could help central banks deliver the vigorouseconomic growth the world economy still needs.各国政府早就应该考虑财政政策、债务重组和结构性改革这些组合措施,它们有望帮助央行兑现世界经济仍然需要的强劲增长。 /201610/473514蚌埠美白针哪里好

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