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三门峡市人民医院割包皮三门峡体检哪家好美国大选:特朗普炮轰希拉里"世界级的骗子" --3 19:6:51 来源: 美国共和党总统候选人特朗普对他的对手民主党总统候选人希拉里·克林顿发起猛烈言辞攻击,形容她是美国历史上最腐败的候选人 Donald Trump promised a bare-knuckles speech with sweeping attacks on Hillary Clinton, and on Wednesday he delivered it.唐纳德?特朗普一直声称要专门做一次演讲炮轰希拉里,终于在周三实现了He accused the Democratic presumptive nominee of criminal corruption. He called her a "world-class liar". He offered a bullet-point summation of an anti-Clinton book written by a conservative commentator. And he a letter from the widow of a police officer killed by an undocumented immigrant who said the mer secretary of state had the "blood of so many on her hands" and should "go to prison to pay the crimes she has aly committed against this country".他指责民主党候选人希拉里犯有贪污罪,还称她为“世界级的骗子”他拿出了一本保守派员写的反希拉里的书的要点总结并宣读了一封被无移民杀死的警察的遗孀的信,心中写道前国务卿希拉里“手上沾满太多人的鲜血”以及她应该“进监狱去为她对国家犯下的罪付出代价”Guided by his teleprompter, Mr. Trump offered a more focused, methodical attack on Mrs. Clinton than he has normally produced in his stump speeches, but it wasn’t any less inflammatory - or prone to occasional exaggerations and misrepresentations.不像他以往做的政治演讲,在提词器的提示下,特朗普对希拉里进行了一次更有针对性,更有条理的炮轰,但是煽动性毫不逊色,或者说充满了夸张的言辞以及强行曲解If Mr. Trump will be a more polished candidate with the change of campaign leadership announced this week, it seems clear he will be no less the brash, braggadocios candidate that stormed through the Republican primary season.如果特朗普在这周的竞选信息更新时真的成为了候选人,那就说明他将仍然会以莽撞的和大胆敢言的形象闯过共和党的预选程序He emerged from that campaign victorious - but is now struggling to find his footing in a one-on-one battle with his Democratic foe. Wednesday’s speech was his most significant eft to date to regain his equilibrium and shift focus to his opponent’s record.结果是他胜利了,但是现在他正在努力在和民主党对手一对一的战场上找到立足点星期三的演讲是他迄今为止最重要的一步棋,重新找回他的平衡点,并把炮火焦点转移到对手身上Here are the five primary lines of attack Mr. Trump relied on in his Wednesday speech - and what they could mean the presidential race in the weeks and months to come.以下是特朗普周三炮轰希拉里的五句最基本的责难以及对于几个月后的总统选举可能造成的影响She’s part of a rigged system她是一手遮天的体制的一份子"This election will decide whether we are ruled by the people or by the politicians."“这场选举将决定我们是由人民还是政治家来统治”She’s a job-killer她是失业率的元凶"I have visited the cities and towns across America and seen the devastation caused by the trade policies of Bill and Hillary Clinton."“我曾遍访过全美的城镇,亲眼见到过由比尔以及希拉里?克林顿提出的贸易政策造成的灾难(失业率高)”She does dodgy deals她做肮脏的交易"She ran the State Department like her own personal hedge fund - doing favors oppressive regimes, and many others, in exchange cash."“她对待国务院就像对待她自己的对冲基金,给敌对势力帮忙以及做别的勾当,只为了得到钱”She’s encouraging un-American immigrants她会鼓励移民"I only want to admit people who share our values and love our people. Hillary Clinton wants to bring in people who believe women should be enslaved and gays put to death."“我只想要承认那些和我们有共同价值观并且爱护我们的人(移民到美国)而希拉里?克林顿想把那些认为女人就应该被奴役以及同性恋该死的人都带进来”She messed up the Middle East她破坏中东稳定"The Hillary Clinton eign policy has cost America thousands of lives and trillions of dollars - and unleashed Isis across the world."“希拉里的对外政策已经让美国付出了几千条人名以及几万亿美元的代价,并养出了祸害世界的isis”灵宝市人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 父母必知:想要牙齿好 有机果汁喝得少 -- :9:37 来源:   Tens of thousands of young children are suffering from rotting teeth caused by drinking fruit juice and squash, a major study has revealed.  最近一项研究称,儿童长蛀牙与平时喝的果汁和汽水有关  As many as one in eight children have suffered tooth decay by the age of three – although in some parts of England the rates are as high as a third.  研究显示3岁儿童中,每8个人中就有1个患有蛀牙,在英国的某些地区甚至每3个人孩子中就有1个  Senior dentists say the problem is often caused by well-meaning parents giving toddlers sugar-laden drinks in bottles and beakers. They are now urging families to restrict children to milk and water.  一些牙医称这个问题常常是由父母造成的,他们好心为孩子购买瓶装含糖饮料,却“好心办了坏事”现在牙医要求家长只给孩子喝水和牛奶  Middle-class parents who buy expensive organic juices in the belief they are healthier have been warned they can contain as much sugar as a glass of coke.  有些家境不错的父母会给孩子买较贵的有机果汁,认为它们更健康,但事实上有机果汁与可乐的含糖量相当  One health official observed: ‘Posh sugar is no better than any other sugar.’  一位卫生官员曾说:“无论贵贱,只要含糖量高,都一样有害”  Earlier this year health officials urged the public to cut their sugar intake to between five and seven teaspoons a day to prevent rising levels of obesity and rotting teeth.  今年年初,卫生官员们曾督促公众减少摄糖量每天5-7茶匙即可,这样可以预防肥胖和蛀牙等问题  A 0ml glass of organic apple juice contains grams of sugar – nearly five teaspoons – only slightly less than the same amount of coke, which has grams.  一杯0毫升的有机苹果汁含糖量克、约5茶匙,这只比0毫升的可乐所含的糖少克   Experts, including the chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies, have called a tax to be slapped on sugary drinks to deter the public from buying them.  包括首席医疗官戴姆·萨利·戴姆斯在内的一些专家呼吁对含糖饮料征税,以阻止公众购买  In the first study of its kind, officials at Public Health England – a Government agency – examined the teeth of a sample of 53,60 three-year-olds at nursery schools.  英国公共卫生的官员们在一项研究中检查了幼儿园5360名3岁儿童的牙齿  They found an average of per cent – one in eight – had tooth decay ranging from small holes, needing fillings or having teeth extracted.  他们发现平均有%即八分之一的儿童有蛀牙问题,包括牙齿有小洞、需要补牙和拔牙等  Many parents give children fruit juice or squash in bottles and beakers to comt them or bee bed. They may suck them hours on end – with the sugar slowly eroding their teeth. Officials say if children must have juice it should be from a cup which is drunk quickly, causing minimal harm to their teeth.  许多父母在哄孩子的时候或睡觉之前给孩子喝瓶装的果汁或汽水孩子们会一连喝上几个小时,这期间糖分就在慢慢腐蚀着他们的牙齿官员们称,如果孩子们非要喝果汁,那也应该倒进大口杯里并让孩子尽快喝完,这样可以把对牙齿的危害降到最低  Although the decay affects children’s milk teeth, which fall out naturally, experts say it also harms their gums making them more prone to infection in adulthood.  虽然孩子患蛀牙的是会自然掉下的乳牙,但专家称这同样会危害到孩子的牙龈,从而使他们在成年后牙龈更容易受感染奔跑的人,到底在想些什么 -- :8:1 来源: 作为一个长跑选手,我经常对人们在跑步时想些什么感到好奇他们是在想着跑步的事?又或者是什么也没想?听听自己跑步时的想法,也是足够有趣的事情今晚跑步时,要不要录起来? As a long-distance runner, I am always curious what people think when they run. Are they thinking about running? Or are they thinking about nothing?作为一个长跑选手,我经常对人们在跑步时想些什么感到好奇他们是在想着跑步的事?又或者是什么也没想?Running a long time is like anything you do a long time: It slowly bores you to death. Take myself example, recently, I have started training a half marathon. After half an hour, I will start to get bored and feel the pain in my abdomen, feet, and joints. To make time pass faster, I often try to focus on the environment, the traffic and, of course, the cute guys around me.跑步太久,也和你长期做任何其他的事一样,慢慢的让你无聊死以我自己为例,最近,我开始了半马拉松训练半小时后,我就会开始感到无聊,感到我的腹部,脚,和关节都疼痛为了让时间过得快一点,我常常试图将注意力集中在环境、交通,以及我周围可爱的家伙们Whenever I run, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I should think. Many of my runner friends see running as a m of meditation. They try to empty their mind while running.只要我一跑步,我就会花上很多时间去想我应该想什么我的很多跑友们将跑步视作一种冥想的形式在跑步时他们试图放空大脑"The less you think, the more you feel relaxed," they said.他们说,“你想的越少,你就会感到越放松”I could not help but wonder what we should think about while running to make the process less boring and painful. It turns out there might be some science behind it, sort of.我忍不住但又很好奇我们在跑步时究竟应该想些什么以使得这个过程不是那么的无聊和痛苦看起来在这背后应该有一些科学道理,有可能According to a study published in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, professional marathon runners would think of their pace, their movement and the distance, while amateur runners would think of things that help distract them from thinking of running.根据年发布在《国际运动与锻炼心理学杂志的一项研究,专业的马拉松运动员会想到他们的速度,他们的运动和距离,业余跑步者则会想到一些东西,分散了他们的思维,不太会想到跑步How do the researchers know this? They asked marathon runners to record their thoughts out loud. According to the recordings, 0 percent of their thoughts focus on pace and distance, 3 percent focus on their pain and discomt, and another percent centered on the environment.这些研究人员是怎么知道的呢?他们采访了位马拉松运动员,以自言自语的方式记录下奔跑时的想法根据结果,有0%的人被说出来的思绪都与他们跑步的步调与距离有关,3%的人则集中在身体的痛苦和不适上,另外有%的人只关注周围环境The results were kind of entertaining. Researchers found thoughts about wildlife were mostly positive, while thoughts about the environment and the people around them were mostly negative.结果非常有趣研究人员发现,关于野生动物的想法大多都很积极,而对于周围环境和人的想法大多都比较消极There are criticisms saying that these results are not convincing because the runners knew their thoughts would be recorded, so they might have intentionally avoided voicing some thoughts.一些家认为这些结果并不可信,因为这些跑步的人知道他们的想法会被记录下来,所以可能故意的隐瞒了一些想法Nevertheless, now I know what other people think during their long runs, and to become a better runner, I should probably focus on the running rather than thinking of nothing.不过,现在我知道了其他人在长跑时在想些什么要想成为一个更优秀的长跑运动员,我应当集中在跑步上,而不是胡思乱想些什么It is easier to focus my thoughts on the running if I run with a training group. It is a chance to exercise and socialize at the same time.如果我和集训小组一起训练,思想集中在跑步上还是很容易的这是一个训练和社交的机会I used to be a member of a running group in Geneva. We were a group of avid runners from different countries. Anyone who is training a 5k, k, trail run or just wants to run fun could join us.我曾经是日内瓦一个跑步小组的成员之一小组成员是来自各个国家的跑步爱好者任何一个在训练5千米、1万米、越野跑或者只是热爱跑步的人,都可以加入我们Each Monday or Wednesday, we ran about 5 to 60 minutes. On the weekends, we ran even longer. In that way, I could easily finish a 5k run without even thinking about it.每个周一或周三,我们会跑步5-60分钟周末,我们跑的更久,我可以没有什么压力,轻轻松松的跑完5千米However, when I run solo, it is difficult to focus my wandering mind. In this case, researchers advised that it is better to spend some time thinking about "associative thoughts," those about your running, and the rest of the time thinking about "dissociative" thoughts, those about your life, your work, and your relationship. Maybe I should also start recording my thoughts from now on.然而,当我单独跑步时,很难将乱七八糟的念头集中起来在这种情况下,研究人员建议,最好花一些时间来思考和跑步有关的东西,剩下的时间可以去想关于生活、工作和人际交往等游离的一些念头也许,我应该从现在开始记录我的想法三门峡不育不育医院

湖滨区人民中医院治疗阳痿早泄沃尔玛和麦当劳:效仿福来鸡的成功策略 --30 :5:38 来源: 近年来,顾客们普遍抱怨美国两个最大最古老品牌沃尔玛和麦当劳的顾务差现在,两家公司纷纷向福来鸡等公司学习,投资数十亿美元来提高员工工资,加强员工培训这些措施已经取得了积极的效果 Walmart and McDonald’s, two of the biggest and oldest brands in the US, have years faced widesp complaints about poor customer service.近年来,顾客们普遍抱怨美国两个最大最古老品牌沃尔玛和麦当劳的顾务差Now both companies are investing billions of dollars in wage increases and training their workers, following in the footsteps of companies like Chick-fil-A, and they are aly seeing positive results.现在,两家公司纷纷向福来鸡等公司学习,投资数十亿美元来提高员工工资,加强员工培训这些措施已经取得了积极的效果Walmart last year committed to investing $.7 billion over two years in wage increases, scheduling improvements, and employee training.去年,沃尔玛承诺在未来两年投资7亿美元用于提高工资,改进调度,培训员工The move is improving widesp issues in stores, such as empty shelves and cleanliness, executives said.沃尔玛的主管表示,这一举措正在解决一些普遍存在的问题,比如空货架和清洁问题The company is even seeing sales and traffic improvements, which it said were driven in part by the investments in labor. In the most recent quarter, Walmart’s US same-store sales rose 1%, driven by a 1.5% increase in traffic.沃尔玛的销量和人流量也有所增加,这部分是由于投资劳动力所致上季度,美国沃尔玛店面的人流量增加1.5%,销量也随之增加1%The changes aren’t going unnoticed by customers.消费者们也注意到了这些变化"Our customers continue to tell us they are happy with the changes we’re making in our stores, as evidenced by our customer-experience scores, which rose again this quarter versus last year," said Brett Biggs, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Walmart stores, on a call with analysts.“顾客说他们很高兴看到沃尔玛的这些变化与去年相比,本季度的顾客体验指数有所上升,” 沃尔玛的执行副总裁和首席财务官Brett Biggs在电话中告诉分析人员McDonald’s has also been investing in its workers.麦当劳也同样加强对员工的投资The fast-food chain lifted its average hourly wage from .01 to .90 last July, and will raise it further to exceed $ by the end of this year.去年7月份,麦当劳员工的时薪由9.01美元提高至9.90美元,今年年底将超过美元McDonald’s also started allowing workers to earn up to five days of paid vacation every yea.另外,麦当劳开始允许员工每年享受5天的带薪休假The training and wage investments have had a significant impact on customer service, according to McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook.麦当劳的首席执行官史蒂夫?伊斯特布鲁克表示,员工培训和员工投资对顾务产生了巨大的影响He said the changes "have resulted in lower crew turnover and higher customer-satisfaction scores ... and we are gaining share relative to the [fast-food] sandwich segment."他说:“这些变化降低了员工离职率,提高了客户满意度在快餐中的三明治领域,我们获得了更多的市场份额”Customer-satisfaction scores were up 6% in the first quarter, compared to the same period last year, he said.他表示,第一季度的客户满意度比去年同比增长了6%三门峡郑大医院专家预约 上街溜犀牛 德国马戏团被红牌警告 -- :50:53 来源:   Circus staff have been warned by police after taking a .5 tonne rhinoceros a walk in Germany without any restraints.  马戏团的工作人员在德国的大街上,不带任何束缚地溜犀牛之后,被警察警告了  Panicked locals in the town of Luckenwalde called authorities after spotting the rhino, nicknamed Hulk, walking along the road without any lead or restraints.  卢肯瓦尔德镇的居民发现犀牛后觉得恐慌,随后叫来了当局人员这只昵称为浩克的犀牛,在没有套着头或者任何束缚的情况下,在街上堂而皇之地散着步  But by the time police got to the scene the animal was back at the Circus Voyage site along with its keeper.  不过当警察赶到现场的时候,犀牛已经回到了马戏团巡游驻扎地,和它的监护人在一起  Police stood down, but hours later they received another call claiming a rhino had escaped.  警察随后离开了,但是几小时后他们又收到了一通电话声称一只犀牛逃跑了  This time they caught the animal's keeper and circus director walking the rhino to the local park.  这回他们逮到了犀牛的监护人,还有马戏团团长带着犀牛在当地公园散步  Police spokesman Marcus Braun said: 'The circus staff were given a stiff talking to by the officers, and warned that it was not allowed to take rhinos onto the streets.'  警方发言人马库斯·布劳恩说道:“马戏团工作人员被工作人员警告不许再到大街上溜犀牛了”  The circus said they did not understand the fuss over the -year-old rhino being allowed to get some fresh air, and added that Hulk was completely tame and unlikely to harm anyone.  马戏团声称,他们不明白带这只岁的犀牛到外面溜溜,呼吸呼吸新鲜空气有什么好紧张的,他们补充了浩克已经完全被驯而且不太可能伤害任何人  The animal's keepers rejected the idea of putting the rhino on a lead when they walked him.  犀牛的监护人拒绝了溜犀牛的时候给他套上套  The same rhinoceros sparked a similar alert three years ago after he escaped from the circus while it was perming in the town of Goslar in Lower Saxony.  三年前,马戏团到下萨克森的戈斯拉尔镇表演时,这只犀牛从团里逃跑并收到了类似的警告三门峡丰瑞医院看男科贵不贵

三门峡看男科医院哪家最好首批中国奥运选手抵达圣保罗训练营 --5 :5:59 来源: 首批中国奥运代表团运动员当地时间7月1日抵达位于巴西圣保罗南郊的赛前训练营,他们将在这里提前适应巴西的气候和时差,为即将到来的里约奥运会做最后备战 The first group of Chinese athletes from table tennis, swimming and women’s football team, arrived in Sao Paulo’s prestigious Esporte Clube Pinheiros, the training base of Chinese Olympic delegation the coming Rio Olympic Games.7月1日,首批中国奥运代表团乒乓球队、游泳队、和女足队运动员到达位于巴西圣保罗久负盛名的皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部,这里是中国代表团的赛前训练营According to the introduction from Chinese Olympic delegation officials, a total of teams from the country will use the club in Brazil’s most populous city to train and acclimatize as well as recovering from jet lag ahead of the August 5-1 Games.本次奥运会将于8月5日到8月1日举行,据中国奥运代表团官员介绍,在此之前,陆续有个项目的运动队将提前到这个位于巴西人口最多的城市的俱乐部进行集训,并适应时差About half of the Chinese delegation’s athletes will go to the training base. The number of people in Sao Paulo is expected to total around 00, including athletes, coaches, officials and supporting staff.约有近半数的运动员会到这里进行训练,运动员、教练、官员和后勤人员总人数约为00人After their preparation in Sao Paulo, the delegation will travel 30 kilometers northeast to Rio, where they will stay in the Olympic Village during competition.结束在此的训练之后,中国代表团将前往里约入住奥运村里约距圣保罗30公里左右,在其东北方Esporte Club Pinheiros covers an area of 0,000 square meters, equivalent to about football pitches.该俱乐部占地面积万平方米,相当于个足球场那么大The training base was decided following 18 months of negotiations between Chinese officials and the club’s administrators.经过中国政府和俱乐部长达一年半的协商,中国代表团最终选定这里为训练大本营Esporte Clube Pinheiros is prepared to welcome Chinese athletes in the coming days as they recruited several volunteers to better serve the delegation.在接下来的日子里,皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部已做好准备迎接中国运动员的到来,为了更好的为代表团务,他们雇佣了多名志愿者Meanwhile, to minimize disruption to its 38,000 members, the club will schedule times which its facilities will be available exclusively to China’s athletes.同时,皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部拥有约3.8万名会员,为了不影响中国队备战,该俱乐部在租用期内将对会员出入俱乐部进行相应的时间限制The facilities have aly been rented and will be at the disposition of China between July and August .该大本营的租期为7月日至8月日The club aly houses facilities sports: table tennis, artistic gymnastics, swimming, badminton, football, tennis, rugby, water polo, volleyball, fencing, boxing, athletics, synchronised swimming, modern pentathlon and taekwondo.皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部可为乒乓球、体操、游泳、羽毛球、足球、网球、橄榄球、水球、排球、击剑、拳击、田径、花游、现代五项、跆拳道共个项目提供训练场地设施China has also reserved a hotel close to the venue, booking most of the rooms available.中国奥运代表团还在皮涅鲁斯体育俱乐部旁边预订了一家酒店的绝大多数房间China is not the only team preparing the Games outside Rio. Britain will use the Minas Tenis Clube in Belo Horizonte as their pre-Games base.并非只有中国代表团在里约之外的地方选定了训练营,英国也选择在贝洛奥里藏特的米纳斯网球俱乐部训练China will send athletes, including 35 Olympic champions, to the Rio Olympics. This is the largest ever Olympic delegation China has sent overseas.中国里约代表团将派出名运动健儿出征,包括35位前奥运冠军这是中国代表团境外参加奥运会规模最大的一届The Asian country had the second-highest number of podium finishes at the London Olympics with 88, including 38 gold medals. The ed States, which had 530 athletes, led the medals tally with 1 medals, among which 6 were golds.在年伦敦奥运会上,这个亚洲国家在总奖牌榜上排名第二,其中有38枚金牌排名第一的美国共有530名运动员,揽得1枚奖牌,其中金牌6枚 男子喷药:小强没死 房子炸飞 --5 :37:5 来源:中国日报   It's a nightmare come true when you've got a cockroach infestation in your house.  家里横行简直是梦魇  It can drive you crazy, cause sleepless nights and cause a lot of damage.  它们到处搞破坏,已把你逼疯,令你夜不能寐  So when it all gets too much, what do you do?  当快要到达你忍耐极限的时候,你会怎么做呢?  You take matters in to your own hands, like this man, who doused his house in roach spray hoping it would do the trick.  你决定出手了,就像这位仁兄,他把家里喷满了药,坐等;小强;们死翘  Except it all went wrong when the buildup of fumes from the household insecticide led to an explosion, which tore apart the house.  但世事就是这么无常:屋里的喷雾达到一定浓度后,竟然引发了爆炸,房屋被炸碎  To make it worse, the cockroaches were still there after the blast.  更糟的是,;小强;们安然无恙,幸免于难  The two adults and a young child who were inside the apartment at the time were taken to hospital as a precaution.  爆炸导致当时在家的两个大人和一个小孩入院观察  The blast smashed all the apartment's windows.  爆炸把公寓的窗玻璃都震碎了  According to the city's code encement officer, the roach spray did not have the intended effect.  据当地的执法官称,药并没有发挥出本该有的效用  Garrett M. Giberson said: lsquo;The was infested with roaches. When I got on scene I saw numerous roaches crawling throughout the apartment.'  嘉莱特;M;吉伯森表示:;屋子里满是我到达现场后,看到公寓内在到处爬;  He explained how the occupant began experiencing a headache and opened a window after spraying the insecticide.  他解释称,喷完杀虫剂后,屋主会感到头疼,于是打开窗  'You had the chemical, you had the oxygen and you had the ignition source,' he said.  他表示:;化学物质,加氧气,再加上火源;  lsquo;The tenants are lucky because they could have been seriously injured. There had to be quite a buildup of chemicals and fumes from the bug killer to cause an explosion like that.'  ;屋主没有受重伤已算幸运能发生这样的爆炸,说明当时屋里化学物质的浓度肯定已经非常高了;  The residents are now in temporary shelter provided by The American Red Cross.  屋内住户目前正在美国红十字会接受临时救助  Vocabularytake matters into your own hands:自己动手  douse:泼(或洒、浇)液体在;上,泼水于三门峡包茎手术三门峡治疗阳痿早泄多少费用



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