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Every spring, untold number of college and high school students stream south for a week of binge drinking on the beach. That’s all well and good if you’re among them, but if you’re not, you’ll want to avoid them like the plague. This list of the six worst places to spend spring break is based on a few measurements: the availability of activities that don’t involve kegs, the ubiquity of red plastic cups, and most of all, the number of o’s in the phrase: “Spring break, wooooooooo!”每年春季,数不清的大学生和高中生向南方汹涌而去,度过为期一周的海边狂欢派对。如果你是其中一名,那当然很好。但是如果不是,你就要想办法避开这股人流了。Orlando, Florida弗罗里达州奥兰多These vacations are supposed to be all about fun in the sun, but heavy drinking can quickly turn them dangerous. According to legal research organization Avvo, Orlando is the most dangerous spring break destinationin the country. Based on figures for violent crime, murder, rape and fatal car crashes,Orlando was at or near the top of each. So keep your distance.放假时节,阳光正暖,但是酒精很容易让享乐时节陷入疯狂。根据官方调查组织的数据,奥兰多是美国最危险的春假度假地。在犯罪率,谋杀,强奸和致命车祸几个选项中,奥兰多都名列“前茅”。所以,还是当心点好。Daytona Beach, Florida弗罗里达州代托纳海滩Based on those same crime figures, Daytona Beach comes in second, right behind Orlando. But especially shocking is the number of rapes in the city, and how quickly it has risen in recent years. From 2009 to 2010, the rate doubled. Making things worse,according to the Daytona Post, is a crippling culture of corruption that leaves little money available for improved policing and safety measures.在与上一个地方相比中,代托纳的犯罪率略逊一筹,排在奥兰多之后成为美国危险的度假地。但是令人吃惊的是这个城市的强奸犯罪数量,从2009年到2010年的一年里,强奸罪犯罪率翻了一倍。根据代托纳邮报的消息,更糟糕的是,严重的腐败使当地政府没有足够的资金改善治安。 /201208/195965

Huaweiis challenging Ericssonto become the world#39;s largest telecom equipment vendor by sales following a decade-long push by the Chinese company to shake up the industry.华为(Huawei)正在对爱立信(Ericsson)发起挑战,目标是发展成为按销售额计算的全球第一大电信设备制造商。近十年来华为一直锐意进取,以期改变行业面貌。Huawei said on Tuesday its revenue in the first six months was Rmb102.7bn, up 5.1 per cent compared with the same period in 2011.华为周二宣布,其今年上半年销售收入为1027亿元人民币,较2011年同期增长5.1%。Ericsson last week reported a drop in first-half revenue to SK106.3bn from SK107.7bn a year earlier, although lower than Huawei the figures are not directly comparable as close to a quarter of sales at the Shenzen-based group is through consumer businesses such as handsets.爱立信则于上周公布,今年上半年收入为1063亿瑞典克朗,低于上年同期的1077亿瑞典克朗。虽然爱立信的营收不及华为,但两者的业绩数据并非直接可比,因为华为接近四分之一的销售收入来自手机等消费者业务。However, while revenues have continued to build for Huawei, the company said operating profit in the first six months fell 22 per cent from last year to Rmb8.79bn.此外,虽然华为的销售收入持续增长,该公司表示今年上半年的营业利润较上年同期下滑22%至人民币87.9亿元人民币。The company, which is not listed, did not announce net earnings but said it ;maintained robust growth momentum although the global economic situation and telecom equipment market remains a significant challenge;.目前尚未上市的华为并未公布净利润数据,但该公司表示,;尽管当前国际经济形势以及电信设备市场仍然面临重大挑战,公司业绩仍保持了强劲的增长势头;。Ericsson, which saw net income drop 63 per cent year on year in the second quarter, was the latest telecom equipment vendor to suffer from weak growth in the industry. Just days before, Alcatel Lucent had warned of a ¢40m operating loss in the second quarter, and ZTE, Huawei#39;s smaller Chinese peer, said it expected first-half earnings to plummet 60 to 80 per cent from Rmb769.3m a year ago.爱立信第二季度净利润同比下降63%,是最近一个受行业整体增长疲软影响的电信设备生产商。此前不久,阿尔卡特朗讯(Alcatel Lucent)警告称第二季度将发生4000万欧元的营业亏损,而规模小于华为的中国同类企业中兴通讯(ZTE)则表示,预计今年上半年净利润将较一年前的7.693亿元人民币下降60%至80%;We are relatively optimistic about our operating performance and profitability for the remainder of 2012,; said Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer.华为首席财务官孟晚舟表示:;我们对于2012年剩余时间里的自身经营业绩以及盈利能力持较为乐观的态度。;Ericsson is the clear leader in a number of market segments such as mobile network infrastructure and telecom services, but analysts said that Huawei was likely to continue to gain ground.爱立信在移动网络基础设施以及电信务等多个细分市场是优势明显的行业领头羊,但分析师指出华为很可能进一步扩大市场份额。;They#39;ve had this goal for a long time and looked at every way possible to displace the incumbents,; said Duncan Clark, chairman of BDA, a technology consultancy in Beijing.北京科技咨询公司BDA董事长邓肯?克拉克(Duncan Clark)表示:;华为很长时间以来一直有此目标,并寻求所有可能方式排除障碍。; /201207/192511

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